To My High School Crush

How are you? I searched for your name in Facebook. You didn't show up. 

You were a grade higher and we never really interacted so you probably don't know who I was or who I am. However, you pursued my batchmate. I was not close to her so I don't know much about your relationship. I just hears a few things about your relationship but never enough for me to know what was going on. 

I knew that you broke up and, apparently, it was because the parents didn't want the two of your together. She transferred to another school in our junior year and I suppose it left your broken hearted. I overheard you talking about her one time. You said that you saw her and that she didn't change. She was still bubbly and pretty. 

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I thought it was sweet but of course I was a little jealous. If it was me you pursued, you would not have been broken hearted, you would have been a loser. 

I barely remember your face now. What I have is the memory of your image to me. You were this bad boy looking guy but softie in the inside. You were one of the popular ones and one of the smart ones.

I wonder happened to you. I am pretty sure  you didn't end up with your high school girlfriend because she's my facebook friend and she's still single. Some of your classmates are also my Facebook friends but I don't see you anywhere. Are you dead? God, I hope not. 

You always hanged out by the big tree, in front of the cafeteria. You were always sitting on the higher step, facing the cafeteria door. That was why I was always sitting on the chair just behind the window. When I stretch my neck, I could see you. 

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I use to watch you talk and laugh. You were always laughing. I was always curious at what you talked about with your friends. Some days, I'd imagine I was sitting beside you and you're holding my hand as you talk about this new anime you just watched. 

I saw you dance once. I don't remember to what song, some boy band track, maybe. You weren't great. I mean, you were okay but not great... BUT to me, you were the best one in your group. 

That was almost 20 years ago. I wonder where you are now.


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