Do You Wish You Are Younger?

"Why weren't I born in the 90s?"

I was with a friend for over 6 hours yesterday and we did talk about a whole lot of things but that was the thing I remember the most.

She was talking about this hot guy who was in his mid-20s and she is in her mid 30s. She can't help but envy those college student who has a "chance" with the guy.

Let me get something clear. This hot guy she was talking about is an international celebrity. Not that you can't dream big, look at Katie Holmes. There is also David Beckham who declared he was going to marry Posh Spice when he was still unknown. Then there's Carolyn Bessett who told her friend she will marry JFK Jr. someday. 

As bad of an example as it may be, the truth is that there is still some sort of standards when it comes to dreaming big in this sense.

This friend admits, and it's pretty evident, that her family was not blessed with good genes in the looks department. That's an important consideration because last time I check, there are a lot of women who scored men ten years younger than they are. Demi Moore is one. Sure, it ended bad hey, she had him for more than ten years. Not bad eh.

My point being, in her case, it may not be about the looks.

However, the question she posted is still a valid one.

Do you ever wish you were born a decade later? Do you ever wish you are younger? Are the years starting to get to you? Is the mileage you've put on your body starting to make you feel old?

Are the new trends starting to feel "inappropriate" to you?

Are the new celebrities starting to feel too young for you?


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