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"I was testing her"

I've had my share of drama queens and kings in my life. I still have some of them, the ones I can't get rid of either because I love them too much or they just refuse to go even after being kicked out of my life. Click here to read about Relationship Checklist. There is one unforgettable drama king and queen in my past who have had tremendously insane effects in my life but that's another post. This drama king and queen were a couple. I was very close to both of them. As such, I was often the shock absorber. Whenever they fight, they tell me. That's fine. What is not fine is that they expect me to get in between them. It was ludacris. I could hardly fix my own [then] relationship, why the hell would they expect me to fix theirs? The guy had one particular habit, testing the love and fidelity of the girl. Every now and then, he would do stuff that is set to prove or disprove she is being true like texting her from a different number to flirt with her. If she resp

Times Like These

And so I was having one of those intense Google sessions and it landed on the story of Harisu, a South Korean celebrity, a transgender and the second person in South Korea to change her gender legally. She is a singer, a model and an actress. She's also married... to a straight guy... who was and is desperately in love with her. I'm good where I am right now. I really am. I am going to put it out there and say that yes, someday I want to get married and have children. I don't mind adopting as long as I have children. BUT right now, I am good. I'm perfectly fine. It's just that coming  across a story like Harisu can really break your mojo. I've always been secured of what I have achieved and who I am but then you read a story like this and it just makes you think 'How the hell can someone who was born a guy get a perfectly good guy and I was born with all the utilities and shit of a woman and I'm still alone? Why? How? What the fuck is happening

Of Dogs and Men

If you can’t love him the way he should be loved… When we moved back into the family compound last year, my cousin already had a dog. A mix of no-breed (askal) and golden retriever. The dog was fierce and barked on almost anything. I don’t blame the dog. He was always on a leash, always. Imagine the unspent energy he is forced to bottle up. nobody pets him, nobody plays with him. he wasn’t even bathed for more than a year. He also wasn’t being regularly fed. Click here for stories of family fist fights. I have always loved dogs. I never had one because my parents didn’t like them. However, my compassion towards them never changed. Dogs will never get sick of its owner. Never. You can come home everyday to him looking like crap and it will always wag its tail to celebrate your arrival. It won’t get sick of you and it doesn’t care what you do. You could be a loser or President of your country, you could be living in a castle or nowhere, the dog doesn’t mind. It only care

Movie Streaming

I love watching movies and tv series but it's hard to find movie streaming sites and films online (filmes online). I also like my series and movies updated. The struggle is finding reliable movie streaming sites. Here are some I use: YouTube and Dailymotion - there are a lot of movies and tv series uploaded on this site. If you are into asian films, you may also find a lot of Asian tv series and movies subbed in english here. The key is finding the forums where the links are pasted because, most of the time, the links are private. Forums want members and the way they could get members is to make the links accessible only through their site. If you are looking for some filmes online or Asian films movie streaming  sites, you may check - this is a fairly new site, hence, the limited titles but it is reliable. The stream doesn't lag (at least not for me) and the links are all working. Just make sure your speed is decent and you should b

Dating The Bad Boy

Dating the bad boy... hmmm. I am one of those who gravitate towards bad boys. They don’t necessarily have to be someone who served time or beat up people to death just for the heck of it. The rebellious, I-am-not-fond-of-giving-fuck kind of guy does just fine.    Click here if you want to know why I became more romantic when I turned 35. I think I was born with it. Growing up, my crushes were the bad boy athletes. There weren’t even actors or singers. They were the tough athletes or the cursing, Chucks-with-tattered-levis in a formal meeting kind of guy. I don’t know why exactly but I have several theories. One, it has a lot to do with feeling special and next to the basic needs, feeling important on top of people’s needs. We all like being special. What’s more special than being able to tame the lion?

Why Would a Girl Love Sports?

I remember watching a tae kwon do championship match in the last Olympics at 3am. Although I would have loved to watch all the games, my bed was calling out to me. I kept the tv on just as so I could witness whatever it is I could manage to watch before sleeping. Tae Kwon Do championship game was on. I don't even remember what country was playing. I just remember that neither player has scored by the third and last round and one of them was the underdog. In the last 30 seconds, the underdog scored. His whole court jumped, screamed, yelled, pumped their fist in the air, hugged each other and started going down on their knees. I don't know if it was to pray or watch in anticipation the next 30 seconds. I could feel the energy surge through the body of the underdog as he realizes he hit a clear 45. He looked at the clock. 30 seconds. All he has to do is keep his opponent from connecting a clear one for 30 seconds. It would be tough. When a great player is under pres

In My Next Relationship...

Have you ever looked back at your past relationship and realized how much of a shithead you are for doing the things you did? I do... often. I can't believe how stupid I was for compromising so much, ignoring my values and settling . I want to blame that on my youth and apparent excitement to finally be in a relationship but it doesn't matter now. It only matters that I've learned. So, in my next relationship... 1) the guy will have to step up his game for me, if he hasn't already. He needs to try and be a better man... the best version of himself even because he knows that's what I deserve.

1 Birthday, 1 Funeral, 1 Deadly Disease

My niece was diagnosed with cancer when she was 7. She just celebrated her 18th birthday.  My nephew died last week. He was 16. He was healthy. My friend just told me he was HIV positive. He is 38. It all happened in a span of one week. I guess life is just as brutal as death. It has a way of making things irrelevant. Youth, for one, doesn't equate to a future. My nephew was perfectly healthy and just renewed his interest in his studies after a turbulent year. But apparently, it doesn't matter.  It doesn't extend itself to people who deserve it. Time isn't always a guarantee. My niece went through 2 and a half years of chemo. She survived the the Big C... rather, she's surviving the Big C. Apparently, it's a continuous battle, one that you have to fight everyday for the rest of your life. Just because you live through the 2 and a half years of chemo doesn't mean you are saved. To this day, the monthly check up is still a torture. Every month, w

I'm Not a Power Player

I don't know how I lasted almost ten years in the advertising industry. It's an industry full of sharks, evil fairy god mothers, bullshits and stupid whores who don't know they are stupid and don't mind being a whore. It's a constant battle to get your concepts approved and even a harder battle to keep your sanity in the office amidst people who can't seem to think that knowing someone who is successful and famous makes them successful and famous. It's tiring, frustrating and absolutely disgusting. I don't like the politics of it all. I never liked the politics of anything. I'm too upfront and impatient to bear with anything that will have no effect on the end product that I produce. I don't see the point of having to present every single deck to every single person above me. It's not like they provide any significant input. I've been caught up in numerous battles because of it. I guess power players don't like people who refu

Of Engagements and Breaking Engagements

I have been unfortunate enough to have same set of friends since college. I have been friends with this freakin’ b!tches for a decade and a half. I think the reason I am still friends with them is their need to keep me because I’m the only normal one in the group. Everyone is downright insane, 10 chips missing in their brains.  It’s amazing they are able to count to 10. Breaking an Engagement I have a friend. Let’s call him Lando. He proposed to his girlfriend (not this is not the friend who just proposed to his girlfriend which is his first love).  First off, he bought the ring in a mall at regular retail price. Very smart. In all fairness to him, it was a beautiful ring. It was something any girl wouldn’t mind wearing but I couldn’t help but think that he could have gotten it at less than half the price from Chinatown. They were doing all the preparations and shit when she broke up with him.  She should return the ring, right? She didn’t. He said that she said it’s no

I'm Allergic to Deodorant

Yes, I'm allergic to deodorant. It is a recent development. Up until I was 30, I was fine with chemically based deodorant. Then something changed. One day, my pits just became itchy after applying deodorant. I don't know what happened. I know that I don't always put deodorant. I do it only when I am going to do a really strenuous activity or when I go to work because I don't want a solar system around my pits. After I didn't use one for about a week, my pits just went crazy itchy when I applied one. I used the Nivea deodorant because it didn't darken my armpits. Then, I knew I had to find an alternative since I was already allergic to deodorant. Here's what I found: 1) Baking soda. If you're concern is just the smell, use a baking soda. You don't have to apply large amounts. A pinch will do just fine. 2) The magic mix: 1 cup coconut oil 3 Tablespoons beeswax pellets 1 cup baking soda 1 cup cornstarch 20 drops each of Lavender or other ess