Of Dogs and Men

If you can’t love him the way he should be loved…

When we moved back into the family compound last year, my cousin already had a dog. A mix of no-breed (askal) and golden retriever. The dog was fierce and barked on almost anything. I don’t blame the dog. He was always on a leash, always. Imagine the unspent energy he is forced to bottle up. nobody pets him, nobody plays with him. he wasn’t even bathed for more than a year. He also wasn’t being regularly fed.
I have always loved dogs. I never had one because my parents didn’t like them. However, my compassion towards them never changed. Dogs will never get sick of its owner. Never. You can come home everyday to him looking like crap and it will always wag its tail to celebrate your arrival. It won’t get sick of you and it doesn’t care what you do. You could be a loser or President of your country, you could be living in a castle or nowhere, the dog doesn’t mind. It only cares about food, sleep and being with you. Okay, it also cares about pooping but you get what I mean.

I slowly warmed up to the dog and the dog to me. I took it for walks and played with him whenever I can. He was still on a leash as per the orders of the order but eventually, the owners would remove him from the leash every now and then.

It was becoming more humane and I like it. The problem was that it still wasn’t getting enough walks. When I am not around no one really took the dog out. He was free from the leash most of the time but my uncle, the owner of the dog, would always put him on a leash. I took out the leash and he puts it back on.

He was probably getting irritated of putting it back on that he would sometimes lock the leash. I couldn’t set the dog free.

One weekend I was away, I got a text message from my cousin. The dog bit my uncle. Apparently, he was trying to put him on a leash again. I knew that the dog was already restless. I wasn’t home which meant no one took the dog for a walk.

When I finally returned, I found the dog in a corner, on a leash. The worst part is that they inserted the rope on a tube, limiting the movement of the dog. They said the doctors asked them to observe the dog for 10 days.

Yes, observe the dog for 10 days, not torture it for 10 days. The dog has been that way for five days now and I swear it’s driving me mad whenever I hear it bark. How could they do that to a dog?

It's not the way to live... not even for a dog. It asks for so little. It only asks for food, time with its master and the ability to run around. Why can't you give that to him?

The dog bit because it was already stressed and he saw this person he knew was going to tie him down the whole day and not let him go. He was defending himself. It wasn't the dog's fault.

Honestly, it’s one of those moments when death is better. If you can’t love him the way he should be loved, set him free.


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