In My Next Relationship...

Have you ever looked back at your past relationship and realized how much of a shithead you are for doing the things you did?

I do... often.

I can't believe how stupid I was for compromising so much, ignoring my values and settling. I want to blame that on my youth and apparent excitement to finally be in a relationship but it doesn't matter now. It only matters that I've learned.

So, in my next relationship...

1) the guy will have to step up his game for me, if he hasn't already. He needs to try and be a better man... the best version of himself even because he knows that's what I deserve.

2) it has to go on with a vision of spending the rest of lives together. I'm 35, I am way past the "having fun" stage. If the guy doesn't see it, then there is no point going on. I am doing just fine without him, there shouldn't be any problem going back.

3) if we do get married, I intend to make the family my priority. When we do have children, I want to be the one who primarily takes care of the children. That means the guy will have to be financially stable... stable enough to provide a comfortable life to me and our children.

4) he needs to make the same amount of effort to communicate with me as I do with him and it's not just about the frequency of calls but about what we talk about and and how much we share.

5) he needs to have a life outside of us, a life he likes and intends to keep. The last thing I want is a guy with no clear and stable identity.

6) i want a guy that understands we need to work on the relationship if we intend to stay together. I need someone who understands that romance will fade and we need to make an effort if we want to say together. We need to be realistic and understand natural human behavior. That's the only way we could find ways on how we can stay together.

What about you? What do you intend to do in your next relationship.


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