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10 Responses to "Why Aren't You Married Yet?" I wish I Could Say

I would love to just have the chance to put some people in their place and make them realize that my civil status is really none of their business. It's just that I am supposed to know better and responding how I really want to respond would only make me go down to their level, sound defensive or a plain old b!tch.

Oh well...

1. Because I figured it is better than being married to a womanizing minimum-wage earner guy like your husband.

2. Because I am smart enough to know that I have this habit of bearing with stupid men. Now you know why I'm still talking with you.

3. I don't want to end up like your wife.

10 Things You Should Never Do For A Man. Click here.

4. Why haven't you graduated from college yet?

5. Why do you keep on borrowing money from me?

Maturity Sucks, Big Time!

I miss the days when I take things simply because I wanted it. It didn't matter who it belonged to. I just took it because having it would make me happy.

I miss the days when I ask for things and it didn't really occur to me that people will have to go out of their way to get it for me. Maybe they had to stand up from a well-deserved rest after 8 hours of bearing with me in the mall. They just had to get off their @ss to get it for me.

I miss the days when I could sit or play all day and just know that someone will bring me food or if someone doesn't, I will simply cry and someone will.

I miss the days when all I had to do is go to school and know that someone will pay for me and give me money so "I" could learn something.

I miss the days when all I cared about was my happiness, my time, my stuff, my sh!t.

The one scary thing about maturity is the obligation to live what you know. Ignorance is bliss. Not knowing how to act and feel the right way shields you from…

The Inner Demi Moore

If I had gotten pregnant at 15, I will already have a daughter or son that's old enough to get married.

Of course I didn't. Otherwise, I'd be naming my blog

However, I don't really go around my life thinking "I'm 34, I'm 34, I'm 34" with every step that I make. In fact, I often forget I am old enough to be a grandmother... damn it, I am a grandmother... but you get the point.

So... there are times when I see a guy in his mid 20s and find him attractive. I check him out and I continue to do so before something happens that forces me to realize that I am 10 damn years older than he is like not being asked for an ID when I buy wine or beer or feeling some back pain I used to hear from my grand mother, may she rest peace.

Letter to my future son. 

Last week, a friend who is 23 at best called me 'baby'. I didn't pay attention to it the same way I didn't pay attention to his passes since I met him. He is very, err, affec…

It's Final, They are Separated... or Not

He left her on Christmas Day, when he knew everyone would gather in the eldest auntie's huge house to share the midnight meals together. 
He didn't even tell my cousin he was leaving her, he just did. 
Imma let you catch up on this story. 
She met him in college and "married" him without knowing he was already married and had a kid. So, there wasn't actually marriage but she still insisted on changing her name to his and event tried to get National Statistics Office marriage certificate as if, by some sheer chance, the government depart in charged of keeping the social status of a person will somehow miss the name of her husband the woman he actually married. 
She went on to use the guy's name in every official document she has. 
Time passed and we noticed the guy is lazy. Not, in that 'I don't want to throw the thrash' lazy but just plain 'ol lazy. The only job he can every do is teaching people how to buff up their muscles because the only p…

10 Signs You are Desperate for Men

There are some who don't mind admitting they don't want to be matandang dalaga, those that are embarrassed to admit they failed to find the one man they will spend the rest of their lives with, those who don't mind being matandang dalaga and those who don't realize that they are desperately wanting to get married but is in total denial.

This post is for the last one and this is meant to pull you out of your cocoon and recognize that you are indeed desperate for a man. Then you can decide what you want to do.

#1 - Wherever you go, you consider the chances of meeting a guy. You get invited to a party and you consider what kind of people are most likely going to be there. You lose interest when you realize that they will all most likely going to be married to your friends, gay or still underage. You start wondering why your friends aren't inviting other single men when in fact, you know very well that they are all just your age and, not that it needs to be said, peop…

Gardens, Galleries and Solitude

We all need it to get to that point  when we still know and  like ourselves even  when we are alone. 

Click for 10 tips on how to be a happy matandang dalaga.
Photos taken at the Hungtington Museum with Iphone 4S. 
Huntington Museum is located in San Marino, California.

Letter to My Future Son

Dear Son,

I don't know when you will read this letter. In fact, I am not even sure when I will have you. All I know is that I want to have you with absolute certainty.

I don't know 'how' I will have you but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who gives birth to you, how you look like and what you're going to be. It doesn't matter to me. I will love you for all that you are and all that you are not.

I hope that I will have you early enough so that I can see grow up and live your full life before I die and have the energy and strength to enjoy every moment of it. I want to see you fall in love for the first time, graduate, get a job for the first time, get married and have babies.

Sometimes I wish I had you early. If I had you in my mid 20s, you will be old enough to become my travel buddy now. I will take you hiking, swimming and running. We will go to museums together and appreciate art together. We will do movie marathons together and study together.

Realistic vs Idealistic

It starts with those darn fairytales and movies, I guess.

The prince that is set to rule a kingdom, tall, handsome and falls in love with the girl at first sight. One sight, that's all it takes for the prince to move hell and high water to be with you.

As you transition from fairytale to teeny bopper movies, the kingdom disappears and it is replaced by the guy next door who got it all good, a good son, rich, good looking and desired by many women but he only desires you.

As the Sweet Valley High is replaced by Hollywood, you start realizing that the boy next door can't be true. That the bad boy may actually be more... and hotter too. You want someone that has played the field, passionate but misunderstood and has gotten into one too many troubles but straightens his path for you. He turns everything around and get things together so he can deserve you. He walks the straight path but isn't afraid to turn all bad if it is for you.

Then you realize that bad boy doesn't r…

Matandang Dalaga on Marriage


The Well-Meaning Hypocricy of Facebook Tagging

The Ice Bucket Challenge was meant to raise awareness AND FUNDS for the research of disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It is a progressive neurodegenerative disease where the brain loses the ability to control muscles in the body. There is no known cure. Let us hope the the Ice Bucket Challenge contributed to the changing of that.

When the Ice Bucket Challenge started slowing down on Facebook, new challenges came in. I got an average of 5 tags everyday asking me to do different things, from posting my top 10 favorite movie villains to bible verses.

Abundance of Supply There is nothing wrong with the theme "challenge". It's not like it's harming people to post bible verses or posting things you are thankful for but everyone trying to start their own trends muddled up the whole spirit of tagging. When there is too much of something, the value depreciates.

It also irritates the holy hell out of the people who are forced to deal with this everyday.

Click here a…