Movie Streaming

I love watching movies and tv series but it's hard to find movie streaming sites and films online (filmes online). I also like my series and movies updated. The struggle is finding reliable movie streaming sites.

Here are some I use:

YouTube and Dailymotion- there are a lot of movies and tv series uploaded on this site. If you are into asian films, you may also find a lot of Asian tv series and movies subbed in english here. The key is finding the forums where the links are pasted because, most of the time, the links are private. Forums want members and the way they could get members is to make the links accessible only through their site. If you are looking for some filmes online or Asian films movie streaming  sites, you may check - this is a fairly new site, hence, the limited titles but it is reliable. The stream doesn't lag (at least not for me) and the links are all working. Just make sure your speed is decent and you should be all ready to go. The site is also very clean in terms of layout which makes it easier for me to find what I'm looking for. - this has been around longer than most sites. It's amazing how it has kept itself afloat. Usually, the government cracks down on them after several months. This site has some dead links. The site is also cluttered. However, forgive the ads. You're watching the contents for free anyway.
Hulu and Netflix - if you are in a territory where you can't wHulu and Netflix, just get a VPN or a virtual private network. A VPN will reroute your IP the country of your choice allowing you to access sites that are exclusive to that country. I would recommend

Vimeo - if you are looking for short films or art films or unreleased filmes online, go to Vimeo. This site has some great short films and I mean great. Here are some links to check:
If you know of any movie streaming sites, share it. 


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