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Being Cheated On

I have a theory that infidelity is not about love or the lack of it. It's all about vanity. When someone makes you feel important, desired and tingly, you feel good about yourself. Even if the current official partner still makes you feel that, having someone else want you is an ego trip of a lifetime. My first boyfriend cheated on me on the third year of our relationship with a girl he met online. I know… such a pathetic cliché. He mentioned the girl once. Let’s call her Roberta. He said she plays one his online games with her. I didn’t think much about it because I used to play games too. I know you interact with other people all the time.  Click here to read about how to determine if your boyfriend is still not over his ex.  As time went on, he would usually cut our dinner or evening conversation short so he can go online and play that game he is playing. One time I we were having dinner at his place, he even played the game while I was watching T

How I Made My Momma Cry

My then boyfriend and I were hanging out at my house. My parents were there and we were having snack. I stood up to get some water and I asked my then-boyfriend, “Want some water?” He nodded. I went to the kitchen and poured some water. When I turned, my mom was standing behind me, staring at me. “What?” I didn’t say it but that was on my mind. She burst into tears. “You’re not even married and you’re serving him!” Shit, right?

Words of Wisdom: Wait

Several pounds ago, I was having coffee with a dear friend. Let’s call him Berto. Berto is an extremely intelligent and sensitive person. I respect him a lot. I was 19 at that time, a fresh graduate and full hopes. I was also starting to wonder why I have never had a boyfriend. We went into a discussion on how I got to 19 without having had a relationship. I went on and on and on and he never really said anything until asked him what are his thoughts about the whole thing.  Click here to see some of the funniest words of wisdom I have ever heard. He said something like this:

How Do You Know if Your Ex Isn't Over His Ex?

Let me clarify this. When we (my ex and I) started “flirting” and, eventually, dating, I had no idea he was still hanged up on his ex-girlfriend. Looking back, I should have known. His history with the girl was epic. He was the girl’s other man for more than three years. In fact, when the girl got pregnant, there was some confusion as to who was the father. During that time, he - let’s give him a name, let’s call him Bert - already knew the girl was going to marry the original boyfriend but he still stayed with her until the last minute.  When I met Bert, the girl hasn’t given birth yet and throughout the pregnancy, he took care of her (they were working in the same office). Looking back, it was stupid of me to not even entertain the possibility he was still hanged up on her. But we have long established that I am stupid when it comes to relationship. So, that’s not exactly breaking news. However, you can learn from my experience. Here are some tips on how you will determine i

How Do You Know If It It's Time to Quit Your Job

Everyone knows by now that I quit a high paying job in order to pursue my passion, writing. For 15 years, I worked in that industry and it was a profitable one. I was able to buy a house, cars, send my family on trips abroad and give myself a comfortable life. It was hard to let go especially because I have gotten use to the luxuries that money bought me. However, there were certain things that strengthened my resolve. Here are some questions I asked myself to determine whether I was ready to quit my job. 1. Is this your living or your life? I’m a workaholic. In the 15 years that I worked in that industry, I took a total of three vacations. The longest one was when I was nearing resignation. The other two were no more than a three-day vacation and that was only to take my family to a vacation. Before I knew it, my job became my life. It took most of my time. In fact, there was hardly anything else that I did but my work. My living became my life. I realized that my niec

Romantic Movies for 30 and Single Women

We all know how movies can screw our idea of love and relationships. Those running after a girl while she is just about to board the plane or that speech a guy will deliver enumerating your cute quirks and romantic music playing in the background while he is undressing you… absolute bullshit. It won’t happen. But there are also a few movies that portray love that’s a little closer to reality. You might have to dig a little deeper but there are some. 500 days of summer The movie starts out by saying it’s not a love story. It is but an incredibly mature one. I know, it seems like it is not especially because it seems that Summer took Tom for a ride only to drop him in the end. However, there is one important detail that everyone seems to miss out. Summer has always been clear about how she felt for Tom. It was Tom who wasn’t able to leave up to his end of the deal and fell in love with her. And that’s lesson # 1 Many guys (and girls) are clear on where they stand when it c

Gifts for 30-Year-Old Single Women

It’s always difficult to look for 30-year-ol career women who are independent and is stable. Chances are, they can buy whatever they need and actually takes pride for having the money to do that things she wants and buy the things she wants and needs without having to depend on anyone. However, it’s also means you don’t have to spend much to be able to be able to buy great gifts for her. Here are some suggestions. Domain Name It’s about $10 per year. If you can buyer name, do it. If not, you can buy a phrase she likes or a nickname you have for her. You don’t need to buy a host, you can house it first on free hosting sites like blogger or wordpress. Set it up and you guys should write her a letter on the site.

Things I Wish I Knew When I was in My Teens

Things I Wish I Knew When I was in My Teens 1. We are all vain and most problems begin there We all have that need to feel important, to feel needed, wanted and valued. When someone pays attention to us, regardless who that someone is, we fulfill that need and we cling on to that person who fulfills that need for us. We often mistake this for love. Dumb.

6 Crappy Things Movies Taught Us About Love

1. The bad boy will turn good for a girl A load of crap. If you pick a bad guy, expect a bag guy. He might treat you nicely in some ways but the core of that guy stinks. You might have this notion that you are that soft princess that could tame a lion but quite honestly, comparing a lion to that guy is no short of an insult to the lion. If that guy has any sense of self respect, he will not need a girl to change. He will change for the better period, and that’s how you measure a man.

Childhood Fantasies I Still Keep

1. I wish I am a ninja or married a Ninja I still find those guys in black suit that covers everything but their eyes throwing knives and doing backflips without making a sound utterly attractive. There's something about having the ability to kill at will but not doing it because of some oath they swore to uphold. 2. I wish I am or married an Astronaut Is there anything braver than a guy who risk floating around in space to nothingness?