Gifts for 30-Year-Old Single Women

It’s always difficult to look for 30-year-ol career women who are independent and is stable. Chances are, they can buy whatever they need and actually takes pride for having the money to do that things she wants and buy the things she wants and needs without having to depend on anyone. However, it’s also means you don’t have to spend much to be able to be able to buy great gifts for her. Here are some suggestions.

Domain Name

It’s about $10 per year. If you can buyer name, do it. If not, you can buy a phrase she likes or a nickname you have for her. You don’t need to buy a host, you can house it first on free hosting sites like blogger or wordpress. Set it up and you guys should write her a letter on the site.

Buy her a star

It’s about $25. Go online and you will be given starts that aren’t named yet. Pay it and you will given a certificate to prove that the star is now named after the person you have it named after. Now, you can literally give your friend a star.


Preload her favourite photos in the photoframe. Now she can put it on her working table and have it there constantly changing and inspiring her. It’s something that’s nice to have but most likely something that a 30-year-old woman wouldn’t think of buying but once she has it, it will mean a lot.

Bag with personal artwork

Get a bag made for her. Make it her favourite color and it has to be solid plain color. Get as many of her friends or relatives to draw on it or write a message for her. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a bag. It may be a blanket or shawl.

Pimp her chucks

If she likes Chuck Taylors, you can pimp her chucks. There are artists that can spraypaint an artwork for you. They can design the artwork too. Ask them to create something based on your friends favourite movie or favaorite cartoon character or hobby.

365 Days of Message

Ask her friends and relatives to write a message for her. Write each message on a sheet of paper. Put it in a container. Ask her to pull out one message a day. The goal is to get a year’s worth of message. For one full year, she can pull one message each day for a year.


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