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Maybe It is Us Who Got it Wrong

My sister and I have never been close. When we were kids, we fought so often and it wasn't new for it to become physical. I have always thought she envies me. Not that I am smart (I have always bee open about my stupidity in this blog) but I am pretty sure I am smarter than she is, at least academically. I got into a better school, got better grades and got a better career, at least financially. 
I often squirm at her life. She is drowning in debt, her husband cheated on her, she was physically abused and physically out of shape. 
Decades of working and she has nothing to show for it. She has two kids and my mother fully support her eldest. 
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She can't put her youngest through college and she is contented to live in a house that is actually owned by our father. She goes to work everyday only to have enough money to pay her debt. The only time she gets to travel is when someone else is paying for her. She doesn't Cook for her kids. She brou…

10 Common Problems of Being a Matandang Dalaga

Shit happens and shitty moments will continue to hound you whether you are single or not. It's just that being a matandang dalaga has a special set of irritatingly unique problems that not many will understand.

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Below are 10 of those problems. Some are serious and some are just downright embarrassing.
#1 Metabolism It swear it shifts gear the minute you turn 30. It’s like, it suddenly realizes it has been running for 30 years and it just wants to stop and it absolutely gives no fine eff about you. Suddenly, the pizza you used to chum like a starving Ninja turtle is starting to turn into fats that suddenly found a home in your belly.

Why Do We Want to Have Kids?

My love for kids is a recent development, relatively recent. I never had the natural appeal that other people have that makes children gravitate towards them. I love kids. I like their innocence and their purity. However, I have to “work” to gain their trust. I have fairly been successful but there are still some kids that I just can’t seem to be friends with. That’s fine though. Even if they don’t like me, I am content to watch them from afar.

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I have been specifically surrounded by children nowadays. After all, this is the age when friends my age have children that are starting to grow up. I would like to have one or two someday. I take that back. I WILL have one or two someday. Whether it is biological or otherwise is still up in the air.

However, it does make me wonder where this desire is coming from. I’ve always known I want to have a kid. I just never quite figure out why.

I do have several theor…

It’s About Being Human not About Being a Woman

When you get to this age and still be single with no prospect in sight, it is but natural to lean towards being a feminist and devote your time and effort becoming a fulfilled woman. It’s great. After all, if only for the sheer act of respecting the history of women, women should continuously make an effort to live a life that leaves lasting impact.

What you shouldn’t do, however, is to continuously try and prove yourself to be a woman of quality or worthy of adulations to anyone but yourself.

There is one more thing. Stop being a feminist and start being a humanist. It’s not about being a fulfilled woman but a fulfilled human. The only time you know there is equality is when people don’t pay attention to the difference anymore and see people as people, not through their sex organs.

If you’re still single and way in your 30s with no prospect in sight, it’s about being unattractive to men, it’s about having all the time in your hand, with nothing to distract you, so you can fu…

10 Things You Should Never Do For A Man

At 34, it is but expected for you to know yourself a bit more. There are some people who know who they are early on but I am not one of them. I am still a work in progress and sometimes, just as when I think I am getting to know myself, I change. It's exhausting.

I have decided to just let myself surprise me BUT there are things I also know about myself by now and there are 10 things I know by now. I wish I knew it sooner... well, maybe I did but chose to not put it in practice because it would have spoiled the "youthful happiness". I should have realized that I should stuck to it.

What's done is done, right? I know better, I can do better. I suggest you do to.

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1. Never Give Up Your Dreams Fulfillment of or failure to reach a dream is what makes us complete. It is the the journey that we take that allows us to know who we are, who we can be and where we want to be when we finally become the person we envision to be. That…

Advice I Would Have Given The Highschool Me

Those people who says they wouldn't change a thing in their past, I am not like them. There's like tons of I would rather not have done or have done. Yeah, I do believe that everything I am now is a product of the decisions I've made in the past but I have to admit that I screwed up some people in the past big time.

I hurt some people that I love and treated other people in a way they absolutely don't deserve. I held back when I should have given more and I stayed when I should have left.

Yes, everything I am now is a product of the decisions I've made but I sure would have saved so many people some pain and trouble had I known better. I also would have made things easier for me or would have avoided passing up on some dreams had I known better.

If only I could have met the younger me, here are the things I'll advise her to do.

Sometimes, pain is inevitable. It's just a matter of hurting now or hurting later. Choose 'now'.

You will get hurt and you…

Alcatraz and Unrequited Love

Alcatraz, before it became a popular tourist spot, was a maximum security prison. They call it the prison of prisoners. When prisoners in other prisons commit crimes while inside the prison may be sent here.

Rumors has it that prisoners in Alcatraz were used for questionable medical experiments. Others talk about guards torturing prisoners. There are also talks about inhumane conditions. Those are the supposed reasons prisoners are trying to escape and the Great Escape of 1946, where 25 prison guards got hurt, happened.

None of those are true. In fact, the prison cells are better than my childhood home (I didn't have my own room growing up). They got enough food that's approved by a nutritionist. They get proper medical attention and educational privileges.

However, It is true that Alcatraz is the the most cruel prison the US because of the location. It is located one mile away from the shore of San Francisco. From almost any point of the prison, the prisoners can see San Fra…

Fucked Up Thought for the Day


“Admit it, You Wish You are Married.”

That was delivered with unbelievable amount of certainty and undeniable intention to insult my status and age. The message was clear – don’t be a hypocrite, you want to get married and you’re not and you’re not happy because you don’t have that one thing that will complete you.
I used to lie a lot but I already made a promise that I will avoid doing it as much as I can. So no, I won’t lie and I certainly won’t be a hypocrite.
Sure, I wish I am married.
All my cousins are married and they all have children. I look at their children sometimes and am amazed at how they were able to raise such beautiful children considering how fucked up we all are. I am not kidding. My nieces and nephews all look beautiful and most of the time, they are beautiful inside too. Some of them are probably breaking hearts already.
I hear their stories about their marital problems and the clarity that comes once they solve it. I look at their photos with their family and the pride of my uncles and aunties o…

Lessons from Clooney

The guy finally got married. Never thought that would happen. With all the beautiful women he passed on, George Cooney seemed content at dating the hottest women with potential Hollywood stardom in town but far from settling down.
No one faulted him for it. After all, he is a hot guy who is successful in everything he does… and he knows how to take advantage of everything he has. Women preferred him being single. As long as he was available, every woman has a chance, no matter how remotely. He also expressed his contentment about being single, claiming he was happy in the relationships he keeps, those with his childhood friends and family. He didn’t say he was shutting down any possibility of marriage but he also said it wasn’t a “must” for him, not even a dream.
He was happy to be single and the world was too.
Then he married Amal Alamuddin, a British-Lebanese author and lawyer. The world was shocked but also in awe of the fact that the epitome of bachelor hotness didn’t only mee…