Maybe It is Us Who Got it Wrong

My sister and I have never been close. When we were kids, we fought so often and it wasn't new for it to become physical. I have always thought she envies me. Not that I am smart (I have always bee open about my stupidity in this blog) but I am pretty sure I am smarter than she is, at least academically. I got into a better school, got better grades and got a better career, at least financially. 

I often squirm at her life. She is drowning in debt, her husband cheated on her, she was physically abused and physically out of shape. 

Decades of working and she has nothing to show for it. She has two kids and my mother fully support her eldest. 

She can't put her youngest through college and she is contented to live in a house that is actually owned by our father. She goes to work everyday only to have enough money to pay her debt. The only time she gets to travel is when someone else is paying for her. She doesn't
Cook for her kids. She brought them up like her, lazy and unhealthy eater. She married a jobless guy and disrespectful to elders. 

But you know what? She's happy. 

I flew 9,000 miles to chase that but she found it right where she grew up. She didn't even move to a different city, it was right where she grew up. 

She's married with two kids who are living a decent life despite her and her husband's irresponsibility. She works eight hours a day and then enjoy the rest of the day. She has a roof above her head without paying mortgage or rent. She gets to travel despite her debts and she is alive. 

All these arrogance I have about feeling smarter and living a better life is really just my a stupid illusion to make myself feel not so bad. Maybe she's the smarter one because she found the whole point of it all and she didn't have to leave her comfort zone, she didn't have to work so hard, she didn't have to do much. 

Maybe... Just maybe, it is us who got it all wrong. 


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