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Contents of My [Future] Pre-Nup

Yes, I would agree to a pre-nup. After several totally screwed up relationshps, I do get how nothing is certain. I have my own properties too and I want that protected as well. The question is, what do you think is right for you? Here is what I think I would want. 1) Naturaly, it depends how much he earns. If I end up marrying someone as rich as Page, Brin, Disney and the likes, I'd want $10M per year of marriage is peanuts. 2) I want our children to have an assurance that they will get as much as his future children or past children with other women will get, if not more.  Click here to read about the days that could really make you want to kick random people in the nuts.  

Advantages of Dating/Marrying a Much Older Guy

Advantages of Going for Older Men I have always wanted to end up marrying someone way older than I am. At least five years because of the reasons below: 1) Made By the time they got to 40, they should be made. If they aren't, then there's something wrong with them and that could only mean, he is not the one I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Being made comes with a lot of things. Security is one and that is the most important. I need the guy who is secure of himself. I need someone who knows his worth and respects himself. That's the only way I will respect him. I need someone who knows how he wants to be treated and knows how he should treat other people, too. If he is secure, then he should have no problem tolerating my eccentricities. He an give in to what I want every now and then without feeling like he is a wuss.

Bizarre Sex Triangle

My auntie, she's my age, had a boyfriend. Guys like her. She's pretty. Not doll-like pretty, nowhere near perfect but she's pretty AND, more importantly, attractive. When we were younger, she's had a lot of suitors and was almost never vacant. She'd jump from one relationship to another. She knew how to live. She enjoyed the assets God gave her. She finally settled down with one guy. They were together for more than a year. She was still in college then. The guy was average looking but smart. He was short but a gentleman. At least that's how he acted when with us. He was neat and always looked put together. After about a year. She started getting restless. They started sleeping together 3 months into the relationship but she insisted it wasn't about sex. She was just starting to want more.  Click here to read about my thoughts on being the ugliest among us cousins. 

Is First Love Real?

They say first love never succeeds. I believe in this. I believe that even if you end up with your first love, it is never quite the love that you had when you first fell in love. First love is pure, innocent, brave, unreasonable... a total immersion. It happens when you are young. You have no bills to pay, career to think about or future to secure. All you think about is the now, what you have going right at that moment. That's why you are totally able to give yourself to love. You fall in love with the other person who, more often than not, is also in that same state of mind. You meet at that time when mornings meant another day, not another work day. You have so much vacant spots inside of you to fill and you are innocent enough to just trust fully.  Click here to read about "Relationship Checklist".

Moment Like This

I have a cousin who seems to have gotten it right with her husband. She has had several relationships but it seems she got it right this time. She often talk about her husband, children and her travels. She sounds happy and, I think, looks happy. I sometimes wonder, is she really? Her life is good but far from the life she used to dream of. This is not what she wants. The guy she is with is not even close to her type. Could people really change? Could people really want something and then end up with something else and discover that's really what they want? I also sometimes envy her, in a good way of course. I wouldn't want the kind of life she has but I envy the foundation of her present life. She has a husband who takes care of her, beautiful children, a career to make her feel she is her own woman and a family she is able to help. By all accounts, that's happiness in my eyes and success too.

Of Love Stories and Angst

I am getting too old for standard life bullshit and special people crap.  I have this thing where I find absolute disdain towards love stories that end happily. I don't know why but I just cringe and tremble at the thought of a guy running after a girl in the airport just as when she is about to board the plane to go some place where nothing will remind him of the guy.  I mean, come f$ckin' on. First of all, if a guy runs in the airport, he will most likely be arrested. Second, if a girl already boarded, there's no way in hell airport security will let her out of the gate come hell or high water. Third, I just have issues. End of story.  Last week, in a temporary feat of insanity, I decided to watch a movie, a love story, which I thought was going to be a tragic one. That was right up my alley.  The damn movie ended happily but not after 4 hours of separation, breaking up, fights, crying and other angst that keep on getting in the way of the two main characters. B

Emo Quotes

People keep on losing the ones they love because they keep on repeating the same mistakes *** It's very rarely about finding the right person. It is almost always about making the choice to stay.  ***

Equality vs Chivalry

So, how does this REALLY works?  I want my guy to open doors for me, pull my chair, carry heavy stuff for me, you treated with gentleness. With equality, do I need to be gentle to him, too? I also want him to pick up the tab and be the provider of the family. Of course, I'll help but I want my main job to the children and him. With equality, doe he get to demand that he stays with the kids as much as I do? I still reserve the right to not say what I want and be angry when I don't get it. With equality, do they get to throw tantrums too? I reserve the right to say I am not mad or jealous and expect him to know if I am really not mad or jealous of he should run for his life. With equality, can he say something and actually mean something else and expect me to know the difference? Click here and learn how to avoid being a matandang dalaga. 

4 Idiots

An ordinary afternoon with my friends. Idiot #1: I Don’t Like Hot Guys “Look, I know I am average looking at best. It’s fine. I’ve made peace with God about it a long time ago. It took me a long time but I finally was able to accept that I am not one of those people who can go out with in a white shirt and a pair of tattered jeans and will still turn heads. It was rough for me but I was finally able to get to that place when I just knew I had to take the extra mile to look at least acceptable. But the last thing I want is to walk around with a guy and have everyone around us think ‘She hit the jackpot but him… tsk… tsk… someone needs to hit him in the head or something.’ I don’t want to regress!” Idiot #2: I Really Don’t Care About Looks “I know a lot of women out there say they don’t care about a guy’s looks but they actually do, especially the hot girls. I mean, who would want their genes diluted, right? BUT not me. I really don’t care about how a guy looks. I am hot. I

Why are Women Supposed to Take Their Husband's Name?

Woman Changing a Name And so he never returned. I wrote about this cousin who was left by her husband . There are some details I left out. He left on Christmas eve. Best Christmas day gift ever! For months, my cousin never lost hope that the guy will return. Eventually, he got in touch with her. They would go on dates and he made a promise every week that he will return the succeeding week. It never happened. I didn’t bother to talk my cousin out of hoping. What is the point, right? We all know people who are blinded by love is worse than a blind horse clearing a hurdle without an equestrian. The important thing is that she is sane again… at least that’s what she appears to be. Now, last week, she came to me asking how does she go about changing her name back.  Click here to read about how I DIDN'T discover my boyfriend was cheating on me.

30 Reasons I'm Still Single in my 30s

I am truly amazed that someone is reading this blog. Not only that, someone bothered to email and ask me a question. While she asks to remain anonymous she asked me to answer her question here instead of her email. Her questions: You seem smart, why are you still single? Are you ugly? Well, miss anonymous. I did write about how I look in thisentry and I stand by what I said. However, it did inspire me to look into the possible reasons I am still single. Here are the possible reasons. 1.        While I was on a date with my boyfriend, I forgot I was with him. I bought movie tickets while he was buying food. I bought one ticket. You can’t make this shit up. 2.        Having too many male friends made me think like them. A guy feels kinda gay when he goes on a date with me. 3.        I have too many gay friends and think and act like them. A guy feels kinda gay when he goes on a date with me. 4.        I almost died when I was a kid. I had such a high fever for mo

How to Avoid Being a Matandang Dalaga

I have been writing about how I ended up being a matandang dalaga. While I was thinking about what to write next, I realized, I have no idea. That drove me into thinking how I can possibly get out of that block.  I think I could avoid the block had I avoided being a matandang dalaga. So, I called up some of my most intelligent friends and asked them for their advice on how I could actually avoid being a matandang dalaga. Here are the best ones I got. Click here to understand why I think my relatives are at fault for me being still single at this age. Lower your expectation. Lumandi ka. ‘Te, you’re not that pretty. You need to flirt like Jessica Rabbit on steroids to outdo other women who… are more blessed than you are. Be a bitch. The good ones are taken. Agawin mo.