Why are Women Supposed to Take Their Husband's Name?

Woman Changing a Name

And so he never returned.

I wrote about this cousin who was left by her husband. There are some details I left out. He left on Christmas eve. Best Christmas day gift ever!

For months, my cousin never lost hope that the guy will return. Eventually, he got in touch with her. They would go on dates and he made a promise every week that he will return the succeeding week. It never happened.

I didn’t bother to talk my cousin out of hoping. What is the point, right? We all know people who are blinded by love is worse than a blind horse clearing a hurdle without an equestrian.

The important thing is that she is sane again… at least that’s what she appears to be. Now, last week, she came to me asking how does she go about changing her name back. 

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This leads me to the topic. Why on Earth are women expected to take their husbands name when they get married?

Women strive to find their identity during adolescence. When they finally figure it out, they are out of school and into the corporate world where she will, again, struggle to find her own place. And yes, men do the same but it’s doubly hard for women because we are guddam women.

And then, we sign some document that is supposed to make women change their name and take someone else’s name.

What’s up with that?

No, I’m not changing my name.


Unless of course, it’s Gates or Zuckerberg or Brin or Page or Jobs or Disney.

There are others richer, I know but how dare you think this is about money… It’s about fame too. You want me to take your name you gotta be Bono-level, man.


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