Of Love Stories and Angst

I am getting too old for standard life bullshit and special people crap. 

I have this thing where I find absolute disdain towards love stories that end happily. I don't know why but I just cringe and tremble at the thought of a guy running after a girl in the airport just as when she is about to board the plane to go some place where nothing will remind him of the guy. 

I mean, come f$ckin' on. First of all, if a guy runs in the airport, he will most likely be arrested. Second, if a girl already boarded, there's no way in hell airport security will let her out of the gate come hell or high water. Third, I just have issues. End of story. 

Last week, in a temporary feat of insanity, I decided to watch a movie, a love story, which I thought was going to be a tragic one. That was right up my alley. 

The damn movie ended happily but not after 4 hours of separation, breaking up, fights, crying and other angst that keep on getting in the way of the two main characters. By the end of the movie, I realized that I did something really odd, I cheered for the two main characters (I usually cheer for the other person who gets left behind) and I actually wanted the movie to end happily. 

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Don't get me wrong, the damn movie is great. I think it's the greatest love story I have ever seen. 

It did but after three days, I still had a heavy heart from all meteoric tribulations the two main characters went through. The motherf@ckin' movie is still in my head. What the hell is happening? 
I gave up and looked for another love story with a happier ending, I got one. The freakin' movie had every cliche in it but it was light and the two main characters ended up being together. That worked and I started feeling a bit happy and started getting over that 4-hour film. I watched another one to seal the deal. 

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It had a sad ending guddamit!

So, I panicked and searched for another movie. I found one. It had a happy ending. 

That's more like it. 

What the f$ck is happening to me? Am I evolving?


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