Advantages of Dating/Marrying a Much Older Guy

Advantages of Going for Older Men I have always wanted to end up marrying someone way older than I am. At least five years because of the reasons below:

1) Made

By the time they got to 40, they should be made. If they aren't, then there's something wrong with them and that could only mean, he is not the one I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Being made comes with a lot of things. Security is one and that is the most important. I need the guy who is secure of himself. I need someone who knows his worth and respects himself. That's the only way I will respect him. I need someone who knows how he wants to be treated and knows how he should treat other people, too. If he is secure, then he should have no problem tolerating my eccentricities. He an give in to what I want every now and then without feeling like he is a wuss.

2) Experience

By now, he should have had his share of failed relationships. He should have had those exciting, head over heels, shiver to the bones kind of relationship. He should have been with the hot ones, the cold ones, the bitches, the super in love ones, and just about every kind of woman he ever dreams of experiencing. He should know what works for him and what doesn't work for him. That would make it easier for him to handle me and manage the relationship in a way that would work for us.

3) Knows Himself

At 40, he should have a better idea of how he wants the rest of his life to be. I don't want a guy who will go with what I want. I want a guy who walks his own path and will allow me to walk on mine. What we will thens share are parts of lives that are shareable. I don't want a guy who will depend his life on mine or someone elses'. That never works. He needs to be sure of himself. He needs to know himself. He needs to know what will work for him or what will not and what he can compromise.

4) No Bullshit

At 40, he should already know what is his stand on relationship. Is he the marrying type? Does he not believe in marriage? I am already 33, I don't want to waste my time dating someone only to later on find out he doesn't want a lifetime commitment. I don't expect a guy to know he wants to settle down with me on the first date but I want a guy that would, at least, go into a date with the intention of looking for someone with whom he will settle down. If he just wants to have a good time then he should be clear about it immediately.

5) Future

If I am to settle down, I want to settle down with someone who can provide for our future family. Yes, I do want kids whether or not it is bilogical or adopted. I want to make sure that the minute I give birth to them or get them to live with me (if adopted), they'll have a roof over their head, a decent education when the time comes and healthy food to eat.

6) Conversations

I like being challenged. I like good conversations. The older a guy gets, the more thing he has experienced. That should mean more things to share with me. I want to hear about his travels, thing he learned about life, mistakes he made and all the exciting, mudane and crazy things he went through to become the person he is.

7) Understanding

I want someone who understands what I am going through because he went through it. So, he'll know when to give me space, assert his presence and simply lend a helping hand. Do you want an older guy?


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