Equality vs Chivalry

So, how does this REALLY works? 

I want my guy to open doors for me, pull my chair, carry heavy stuff for me, you know...be treated with gentleness. With equality, do I need to be gentle to him, too?

I also want him to pick up the tab and be the provider of the family. Of course, I'll help but I want my main job to the children and him. With equality, doe he get to demand that he stays with the kids as much as I do?

I still reserve the right to not say what I want and be angry when I don't get it. With equality, do they get to throw tantrums too?

I reserve the right to say I am not mad or jealous and expect him to know if I am really not mad or jealous of he should run for his life. With equality, can he say something and actually mean something else and expect me to know the difference?

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I want to be able to be inside the restroom for 30 minutes before we go to a client and no one can complaint because everyone knows how hard it takes to get my eyebrows right. With equality, do they get to spend 30 minutes folding and unfolding their shirt?

I need at least 1 day every two weeks with my pedicurist, PT, and whole bunch of other people who maintains different parts of my body while we gossip. With equality, do they get to demand 1 day every two weeks with their barber, too?

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I don't ever want to fix the plumbing or the roof or chase the frog that enter the house. With equality, does he get to say "I take care of the plumbing, you take care of the roof and let's toss on the frog?"

I want to be comforted when I am scared because of ghost even when there are 100 people around me. With equality, do they get to be the one who scream and we can't judge them for it?

I want a knight in shining armor and bestfriend and protector and lover and buddy. With equality, do we get to split those roles?


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