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Things Worse Than a Heartbreak

Heartbreaks suck especially if you are the one that got left behind. The thought of not having the bragging rights in the future that it was you who dumped your ex is scary but no matter how bad it may seem, there are things worse than a heartbreak. If people will only learn how to remember these things when they want to kill themselves after a breakup, this world will be a better place.

#1. Dieting

I have been on a diet since I arrived. It has been four months and I still look like a cupcake. My waistline is still nowhere to be found and the sides of my tummy still look like the silhouette of a cupcake when I wear jeans. Prior to that four months, I went on a fruit diet back home. I did it for one year and I still didn't lose weight. That is 16 months of dieting in total. Six freakin' teen months. I was over my last boyfriend after three months.

The f!

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How Important is Flirting?

I learned how to ride the bike when I was in high school but I never really got to practice it. I can pretty much pedal but I have a long way to go to become an expert biker, the kind that would give me the right to join some of those biking groups that go to different places on weekends. I’ll get there, I know but it will take some time. 
Right now, I practice every weekend. I try, as much as possible, to cycle for at least an hour on weekends. I can finally bike with one hand and I can also stand while pedalling. I still have control issues but I am happy to report that, at least, I can do it. I just need practice.
Now, that has nothing to do with the main point of this entry. I said that because while I was biking last Saturday, I saw a woman walking and she had the sexiest walk in the history of civilization. If I was a guy, I’d pull over and ask for her number.That brought me back to my college days. I had a friend named Pluto (not his real name) who told me that I have to lear…

There he is, the Kind of Pope WE ALL Need

It doesn’t matter what your religion is, WE ALL need this Pope. 
I came across an article that enumerated several declarations and actions that the Pope made in his still young run as the “infallible one”.
I admire how he made a stance for the homosexuals. He didn’t categorically say that homosexuality is not a sin but he didn’t say it is either. He only stated what may be the ‘Godliest’ thing we can ever do towards those who seem different and that is to not judge.
Our interpretations of God’s words, regardless of what scripture we refer to, are actually just that, interpretations. Anyone who claims to fully understand His words is arrogant and ultimately stupid. We will never have the certainty because our understand, comprehension and purity will never measure up to Gods’.
And that’s why we should refer to love and hope and faith… not judgement. 
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10 Not-So Secrets of America

Three months. I have been here three months.

It has been fun except on days when I miss my family and friends... and fish balls... and pirated DVDs.

It has also been enlightening. This is the first time I actually get to "live like a local" and along with it are some discoveries about the American culture.
#1 They don’t iron their clothes My mother irons everything ESPECIALLY underwear. It touches our most sensitive part, she wants to make sure those germs die before we put it on. She would puke at the barbaric habit of Americans wearing unironed clothes. Nope, that won’t fly with my Mom.
#2 They need to be careful with their adverb of manner & adjectives I was in a car with my friends and they all started complaining about the horrible traffic in 101. We were moving, 10 miles per hour and they call it “horrible traffic.” I wanted to scream, ‘101 got nothing on EDSA boy!’

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