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Stupid, By Any Other Name Is Still Stupid

Would you ever fall in love with someone who is stupid? Love, I have always believed, is something that grows. Love at first sight is actually just attraction. How you nurture that attraction will decide whether it will lead to love or not. Conversation is a huge part of that process. Even if two people are more inclined to do more physical activities like play sport, hike, bike, do extreme sports, or whatever, you still need to talk while, before and after doing those things, right? If you get someone who has nothing to say or say stupid things, how do you keep on spending time together? I am not after someone articulate. You can be articulate and still have nothing substantial to say. I am talking about actual substance in their brain cells. Click here to read "Is he worth the mistake? " Would you ever fall in love with someone who is intellectually way inferior than you are?