How Important is Flirting?

I learned how to ride the bike when I was in high school but I never really got to practice it. I can pretty much pedal but I have a long way to go to become an expert biker, the kind that would give me the right to join some of those biking groups that go to different places on weekends. I’ll get there, I know but it will take some time. 

Right now, I practice every weekend. I try, as much as possible, to cycle for at least an hour on weekends. I can finally bike with one hand and I can also stand while pedalling. I still have control issues but I am happy to report that, at least, I can do it. I just need practice.

Now, that has nothing to do with the main point of this entry. I said that because while I was biking last Saturday, I saw a woman walking and she had the sexiest walk in the history of civilization. If I was a guy, I’d pull over and ask for her number.  That brought me back to my college days. I had a friend named Pluto (not his real name) who told me that I have to learn how to seduce men if I wantedto have a boyfriend. He said it didn’t necessarily mean I’d walk around half naked but it need to learn how to flirt, do things that will catch men’s attention.

“Just in case no one has told you, you are neither beautiful nor charming, so you need to flirt if you ever want to have a boyfriend sometime in the future,” Pluto said.

I knew it was true. There was a time in my life when I did question this “everyone is created equal” mantra but I have made peace with my fate. I only get bothered by it occasionally. However, I didn’t really take his advice. I should have, now I know that but now I am questioning just how much of the truth lies in that statement.

How important is flirting, really?

I always had this notion that if someone is meant for me, he would notice me even if I don’t “flirt” or make myself notice. Then, I realize that there are billions of people in this world. Are we really meant for someone or is that something we pursue and decide?

Maybe you do need to work on it, right? You need to do something to get yourself noticed. You don’t need to get noticed by everyone but you do need to get noticed by that kind of person you want to end up with. I know I have a type and I have an idea on the kind of guy I want to settledown with. I am sure that kind of guy has a type too, a bias or standards if you like. He will go for the girl that meets those standards. If I don’t make myself, at the very least, visible, how will he even realize I meet those standards.

The irritating part is that there are those women who don’t need to do anything to get noticed then there are some women who need to put a bit of more work. Then there is me.

So, should I have learned how to flirt?

Or was I right the first time around? That one person meant for you will find you no matter the condition?
Why am I even thinking about this? I saw a girl walking with a swaying hips and I’ve spent the last several hours thinking about flirting? 

It’s 2pm and I haven’t had lunch, my brain is crying out for food.


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