In my next relationship, I promise not to...

I've done a lot of stupid thing in my past relationships, haven't we all? But there are things I vow to never again do in my next relationship.

1) I will never be with a guy who is lazy with his work or profession. I don't care what that profession is, for as long as it is legal and moral (for me). I just need him to be a hard worker and smart worker.

2) I will never be with someone who has no passion.

3) I will never be with someone who will make me pay for dates. I know that as the relationship progresses, I will of course give my share and I'm not a leach. I earn my keeps and I've earned my own money since I was 15 but the guy should never rely on me. When we do get married and we hit a bump, then of course we will be partners but while we are going out, I will never pay for him. If he wants me enough, he needs to work hard to provide our future family a decent life.

4) I will never be with someone who will not treat me as his partner. I don't want someone who will drag me into everything he does but he needs to make me feel I am his partner in his life.

5) I will never be with someone who is not my intellectual equal. Conversations are important for me especially as the relationship progresses. Sex can only be hot for a while. After that, some stimulus must be added.

6) I will never be with someone who does not understand how much I love my family. My parents are the two people who will never leave me. They are the only ones who will take a bullet for me. I will never leave them. He needs to get that.

7) I will never be with someone who has no ambition or someone who is not doing something to achieve his ambition.

8) I will never be with someone who is not a gentleman... not just polite but a gentleman and not just to me but to everyone.

9) I will never be with someone who is not honest.

10) I will never be with someone who, at the very least, loves me as much as I love him. Relationship takes work and I wold need someone who is willing to put in as much work as I am willing to put up. It's the only way it will work.

I know that when I do get married, I will most likely compromise more and do things that my current me would cringe at knowing just to be able to accommodate that other person who were brought up in a different way.

But, the ones I mentioned above are things I promise I will never compromise. I'm putting it out there.


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