Marrying Age is Getting Older

My bestfriend's first born was baptized last weekend. I was a godmother once again.

I have always had more male friends than female friends but but I've always had more female office mates than males.

While with my college friends, I realized that only half of the group is married. The rest are still single, voluntarily or accidentally. Back in the advertising agency where I worked for 7 years, less than half of the women are married and most of them were in their late 30s.

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Most of our female bosses were either married or separated but the lower ranking ones are mostly single. It was the same with the other company I worked for. What is even more interesting is that most married women, especially those that have been married long, tells us all that they would never undo the marriage because they got their children out of it but, objectively, marriage is something they can live without. In fact, it is not something they would strongly recommend.

Many of them said that they appreciate the "legal assurance" that someone swore to be with them to their dying days but as they grow older, they realize that a wedding a contract is different from a marriage and a marriage is a different from a relationship. They also realize that they can, in fact, live without it.

Maybe that's the key, the answer to the puzzling question on why women are getting married older and why more women are growing old single.

I personally know that when you get to a certain point in your life when you are secure of yourself, have achieved enough, become financially independent, practicality sets in. For one, I don't see the point of having to take in a partner that will only be a burden for me. I have gotten to this point alone, why will I go through the rest of my life with someone and be miserable?

Things have changed. Women are becoming more self-sufficient. Less and less women are defining themselves by the dinner they prepare for their husband and children. Women are becoming more aware of what they can do and are climbing just as fast in the corporate ladder. We don't need men as much.

UK reported that British women are marrying older, average age is 30 and even older for American women.

I don't know about the Philippines but based solely on the people I have encountered, Filipinas seem to be marrying at a later age too. Maybe, being a matandang dalaga is more a phase in our social evolution. From being a society centered on procreation or building a man-woman-children unit, we are now becoming focused on exploring what we can do by ourselves, exploring the world and exploring the future.

If there is anything that this does, it is to give women some leverage. Guys need to step up the way women have been stepping up. We can live alone and will be just fine so if all you want to do is play your magic cards, DOTA, drink, go out and stay in the same job with a 10% annual salary increase, then go right on ahead. We'll be on our way.


  1. I agree with this :)
    Maybe I am too young to say this but at early twenties with a job and doesn't have a boyfriend, I did not see my self being married at 25, an ideal age that most of my teacher said.
    My friends are keep falling in love, which is not bad but some of them thinks of being 30 and single is a curse. Something that has been stereotyped on our culture.
    I do think that female right now are more aware of what we can do, just like what you said and we know what our value is.
    We can be submissive if the man prove to us that they can give us our worth.

    P.S. I sincerely love your blog :) I just discovered it while lurking on tumblr T.T

    1. Hi Ellen! Thank you for dropping by. I am glad you like the blog. I personally think 25 is waaayyyyy to young to get married. 25 is when you will be a bit more financially stable to afford traveling, buying stuff at will, giving away gifts, etc. You need to live your life and enjoy what you worked hard for.

      Hope you come back and if you need someone to talk with, drop me a line. =)


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