Moment Like This

I have a cousin who seems to have gotten it right with her husband. She has had several relationships but it seems she got it right this time. She often talk about her husband, children and her travels. She sounds happy and, I think, looks happy.

I sometimes wonder, is she really?

Her life is good but far from the life she used to dream of. This is not what she wants. The guy she is with is not even close to her type. Could people really change? Could people really want something and then end up with something else and discover that's really what they want?

I also sometimes envy her, in a good way of course. I wouldn't want the kind of life she has but I envy the foundation of her present life. She has a husband who takes care of her, beautiful children, a career to make her feel she is her own woman and a family she is able to help. By all accounts, that's happiness in my eyes and success too.

I sometimes wonder, does she feel the same way? Is this all she wants now?

Or does she still find herself staring at the horizon thinking of all her unfulfilled dreams? Doe she still open her hand to the sky trying to feel the wind of a life that she is not living? Does she look at the sky in search of a shooting star that could grant her a different life, a different world and a different her?

She has always been a big dreamer, probably as big of a dreamer as I am if not bigger but her dreams have always been more glamorous. She has always been more obsessive of the things she wants.

But maybe that has changed. She is getting a lot of love now and love is always good to get. Maybe she has finally gotten to that point in her life that we should all get to, that point when we realize things do work out. It's not perfect but it does work out and that, in the end, if we work hard enough to get it, if we endure the right amount of pain and make the right kind of sacrifices and if we learn from the mistakes, we will get what we deserve.

When I am with her, I usually find myself wishing that her happiness and the contentment she projects is real. I do hope she is happy and I hope it lasts. It doesn't have to be consistent but I do hope it lasts.

This world needs more happy people so they can have enough happiness for those who are not.


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