Bizarre Sex Triangle

My auntie, she's my age, had a boyfriend. Guys like her. She's pretty. Not doll-like pretty, nowhere near perfect but she's pretty AND, more importantly, attractive. When we were younger, she's had a lot of suitors and was almost never vacant. She'd jump from one relationship to another. She knew how to live. She enjoyed the assets God gave her.

She finally settled down with one guy. They were together for more than a year. She was still in college then. The guy was average looking but smart. He was short but a gentleman. At least that's how he acted when with us. He was neat and always looked put together.

After about a year. She started getting restless. They started sleeping together 3 months into the relationship but she insisted it wasn't about sex. She was just starting to want more. 

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Then, she met the brother of our uncle-in-law. He was the opposite of her current boyfriend. He was rugged and rough. He was tall, dark and, yes, handsome. He had a devil-may-care attitude. He was a guy's guy. 

I knew they were flirting and went out several times. She told me they kissed and made out but that was about it. 

Until, I came home from school and realized that just about everyone in our ghetto neighborhood was in front of our compound. Pushing my way through the crowd, I saw what everyone was watching. It was my auntie on the ground. His father (my grandfather) was throwing all her stuff at her and yelling, "you slut! Get the bleep out of my house! I won't have a bleep bleep in my house! you can't keep you bleep to yourself. You have to bleep every bleep around you!"

"Oh my god," I thought to myself. "When did our olds learn how to curse like that. That's like Mike Tyson on steroids."

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I helped my auntie up and helped her gather her clothes but we had no suitcase. I told my cousin to go get one but grandfather suddenly threw a huge bag at us, hitting me right in the face. 

We went to our other cousin who lived in the next city and that is where she told me the story. She was, apparently, sleeping with both guys and she's pregnant but she's not sure who is the father. The thing is that it was almost impossible to tell because there were several days when she slept with one after the other on the same night. Neither used condom and she wasn't into pills. 

The bigger problems is that the second guy's girlfriend learned about her. That girl slept with her first boyfriend too. Like her, the other girl took it all in... no condoms, no pills and she was also pregnant. Like her, the other girl doesn't know who the father is. 


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