Contents of My [Future] Pre-Nup

Yes, I would agree to a pre-nup. After several totally screwed up relationshps, I do get how nothing is certain. I have my own properties too and I want that protected as well.

The question is, what do you think is right for you? Here is what I think I would want.

1) Naturaly, it depends how much he earns. If I end up marrying someone as rich as Page, Brin, Disney and the likes, I'd want $10M per year of marriage is peanuts.

2) I want our children to have an assurance that they will get as much as his future children or past children with other women will get, if not more. 

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3) I want to get more if he cheats, like 500% more.

4) If we get to 10 years before being separated, it has gotta be 50/50.

5) I am willing to get 50% less if I cheat.

6) If he ever lay a hand on me, it's 75/25, in my favor.

7) He should provide for everything our children needs and will need.

8) If he cheats, I want full custody of the children.

9) Inability to have children should be immaterial in the pre-nup. I am 33, the clock is ticking for gudsakes.

10) He can't have any part of what I make.

11) If he has a secret life, like a he is a child molester or a drug lord, or whatever, 90/10, in my favor.

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12) The more he cheats, the more I get.

13) I get the dog.

14) Unless he is a child molester, rapist, drug dealer or does something harmful to the children, I want a commitment that he will fulfill his duties as a father to our children. We will have to remain friends and be together to attend to our children's important milestones. His next wife should have no problem with that.

15) If he moves to another state, he cannot take the children with him but needs to discuss with me how he intends to make up for the distance.


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