Times Like These

And so I was having one of those intense Google sessions and it landed on the story of Harisu, a South Korean celebrity, a transgender and the second person in South Korea to change her gender legally.

She is a singer, a model and an actress. She's also married... to a straight guy... who was and is desperately in love with her.

I'm good where I am right now. I really am. I am going to put it out there and say that yes, someday I want to get married and have children. I don't mind adopting as long as I have children. BUT right now, I am good. I'm perfectly fine.

It's just that coming  across a story like Harisu can really break your mojo.

I've always been secured of what I have achieved and who I am but then you read a story like this and it just makes you think 'How the hell can someone who was born a guy get a perfectly good guy and I was born with all the utilities and shit of a woman and I'm still alone? Why? How? What the fuck is happening?'

Am I that terrible that someone who had to spend thousands of dollars just to have what God has naturally given to me beat me to the darn finish line? I had all these when I was born, she had to pay for it and she's getting to used it while mine is still rendered useless.



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