Is He Worth the Mistake?

Back in college, she got a boyfriend who was tall, dark and handsome. She was crazy in love and I was happy for her. But it turned out, the guy is already married and had a kid and that, apparently, she knew all along.

I wasn't sure she got the whole concept of what being an "other woman" is all about so I sort of explained to her the consequence of what she was doing but she was quick to add that he was already separated. The guy left the wife because, I dunno, he was young and didn't really love the girl? He also left the kid, he has no role in his life at all.

I thought, well, if he wanted to leave the wife, that's cool but damn, how about the kid?

She said the guy feels no affinity of any towards the kid and suspects the kids is not his.

So, I shut the f^^^ up but the irrititating details kept on coming.

The guy certainly had some chip in his character. He was apparently a varsity player in one of the top 5 universities but let go of it all for the cause of rebelling against his parents who forced him into marrying the girl. So, he ended up moving to a school he didn't like to take up a course he wasn't any good at.

Not only was he not good at whatever he was taking up in school, he wasn't any good at thinking either.

He had breakdown after his teacher asked him to report about something and he couldn't find any research material for it.

He was also always asleep and I'm not even exaggerating. I met him the first time when watched a ballgame and he was effin' sleeping in the middle of the game.

He went to one of our family gatherings and and he slept. I'm not effin' kidding. He slept. Right when the whole family was laughing and fooling around, he was sleeping in the gaddam balcony.

After about a year, her father learned she had a boyfriend and for some reason, she was apparently not allowed to have a boyfriend yet. They were asked to break up. She said they did which was, of course, bullshit.

After college, they were free to have a relationship again. She went on to to work and fell in love with and underage. NO, no... it's not just some infatuation according to her, it was love... the catch was... you're stupid if you still don't know, the guy was an underage and she still had a boyfriend.

She got pregnant.

She was sure the father is the legal boyfriend, the one that is not underage.

The boyfriend was willing to stand up to it so he did. She left the underage guy and went with the legal boyfriend.

They got married which was a little complicated because he is already married. So, she's actually the common law wife. She took his surname which was really crazy because she has no documents to back it up but she would rather go through hell and back rather than give up his last name.

After almost a decade of being together, including the time they were boyfriend and girlfriends, he left her but he claims it's only temporary. He left because he lost his job and sold the car she helped him buy.

For all the height he has, he doesn't have an inch of manness to own up to his slump.

Dammit, he could at least be worth the mistake she committed.


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