Matandang Dalaga Valentine's Day

Even when I was younger, Valentine's day was never a particularly attractive event for me. I never liked the idea of going out with your special someone just because the calendar said so.

I also hated the mushy feel to it.

It was a particularly simple day for me. I stayed home and write or watch lots of movies. I didn't know that it was going to be more complicated when I hit 30 without a husband.

Suddenly, Valentine's day is like a malady or a dreaded incurable disease that I contracted. Everyone keeps on asking me what I'll do on that day and I kept on saying, "nothing" but after being asked so many times, I am now starting to wonder if this is some sort of a trick question.

Am i supposed to say something else for me to get a car and  round trip for two to Paris? Why is everyone asking me? Is this a test? If I answer correctly, all my sins will be forgiven and I'll enter 7th heaven?

Because I remember that everyone was well aware of the fact I didn't like Valentine's day when I was younger, why on Earth will they think that changed ESPECIALLY now that I'm older?

And whoever said valentine's day is imporant? Hallmakr? The freakin' company is dead? Flower stores? Freakin' Toblerone?

So, as form of useless rebellion that no one will know about, I'm going to do the ultimate matandang dalaga valentine's day celebration, I will go on a date.

Yeah, you heard me suckers... I will go on a date on Valentine's!

Now, go find me one.


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