The Tale of Missing Balot and Family Fist Fights

My clan... family... whatever you want to call it... has a weird kind of closeness.

We live near each other and we talk quite often. We get updated with what's happening with our lives but we're not exactly the kind that's constantly with each other. We're not always there in every highs and lows. Some of cousins are closer with each other than others.

We've also had our share of fights. Those fights were badass. We define family fights... ghetto family fights that is. At one point two of my aunties beat each other up in the ground of our compound.

It was a perfectly good afternoon. I was watching... whatever it was I was watching and I suddenly heard people screaming and objects being thrown. I rushed out and saw two of my aunties and their children in a fight that would have put an all out UFC audience included no rules rumble to shame. I couldn't even begin to understand what was going on.

I couldn't even see who was winning.

That rift went on for years. At some point, that fight in our backyard had a frontyard version. The whole ghetto neighborhood witnessed it. Someone pulled someone's hair and someone threw a punch and someone kicked someone who wasn't even in the fight and decided to join after getting kicked.

People were cheering and I bet some of them were betting.

My cousin, who wasn't even in the fight, was so embarrassed that he screamed for everyone to just die.

As a result, someone sued someone and someone threatened someone.

That's all in the past now. Things are better and people made up. Now, we're pretty much co-existing peacefully.

As a result, gather together every so often. People are older now and that has mellowed people down. Now, we really have fun when we are together.

A month ago, we had one of those gatherings to celebrate a certain event. Some of those who are often absent made it which made it a particularly good day for us except for one thing, the family balot were missing.

An auntie of mine brought balot for everyone. She handed it to my other auntie who forgot to whom she handed it to. When the main course was done and we were on our first bottle of wine, my auntie asked for a balot. The problem was that it wasn't there. No one could find it.

We accused one of our cousins and he immediately got blamed for it even though everyone knows he hasn't even seen a piece of it. 

My aunt was so pissed because... she really wanted some balot I guess that she started texting everyone to check our stuff as we might have "accidentally"brought the balot. And for the record, I didn't steal the damn balot.

Nonetheless, everyone started going on a text brigade. We realized we will never hear the end of the missing balot. We checked and rechecked our bags and cars and didn't find anything.

We texted our aunt told her we really couldn't find it. She was pissed as hell.

Three days later, our oldest uncle texted us all and said he took it.. because he really wanted it.

Yup... it's still my family.


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