Is Happiness a Choice?

If I had a dollar for every time I hear it - happiness is a choice.

Is it really?

Is happiness something you could just decide to do and suddenly you will be? Can you really choose to be happy and suddenly you will feel all your pains and sadness and worries go away and nothing will be left but happines?

Or perhaps, you can just decide to be happy and happiness will just program your brain to "not pay attention" to the things that are bothering you?

Is it like a command you execute by pressing an enter key and some program will be activated to do exactly what you want done?

But even computers take time to process commands. It has to go through channels or stages or whatever it is they call those damn codes. It doesn't go from what you want to the result.

And how can it be easier for people? We are by far the most stubborn and irritatingly complicated machines that has ever roamed the Earth. It is not as if the complications have prompted us to live a simpler life. In fact, we seem to be so damn capable of everything but simplicity. We can never reach point B straight from Point A. We always miraculously find ourselves going through all the letter of the alphabet in the most disorganized way before we get to Point B... that is if we ever do.

I don't think happiness is something you decide on. It's a process... a long complicated, frustrating and, often, painful process. That process starts with a choice, a choice to pursue happiness but there is no shortcut, no cheat sheet and no magic pill.

Because we don't just choose to stop caring for the things that we care about or wanting the things we want or loving the things we love. It may feel like we just wake up and realize we don't care anymore but no one gets to that point just by sleeping it out or talking it out or just by deciding.

It's still a process.

Much as I would like to believe that we have this will that can win over all odds, there is one odd we can't always beat, ourselves.

So, no... I don't think  happiness is a choice. It's a process that begins with a choice.


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