Things I Wish I Knew When I was in My Teens

Things I Wish I Knew When I was in My Teens

1. We are all vain and most problems begin there

We all have that need to feel important, to feel needed, wanted and valued. When someone pays attention to us, regardless who that someone is, we fulfill that need and we cling on to that person who fulfills that need for us. We often mistake this for love. Dumb.

2. Your metabolism will slow down

So establish physical habits that will help you lose weight when you reach your 30s like a sport or outdoor activities and start establishing a diet that will help your body rely on natural foods over processed ones.

3. That trendy look you have now will cause you lots of embarassment in your 30s

So stop following the effin' trend. Seriously, at some point, someone in your family will bring those photos out and cause you your self-respect. So, for the love of god, stop following effin' trend. No trend is artistic enough the pepetual desire of fashion brands to sell new clothing.

4. At least one member of that boyband is gay

Enough said.

5. Some embarrassing things are bound to happen

monthly period stain someone you are gossipping about will hear you talking about her you will get unintentionally insulted by your crush get caught cheating by your teacher fail to answer a really easy questiony your friends will see your childhood photos your friends will meet your parents

6. Just do it

While you don't have bills to pay and not worrying about your children's milk and tuition fees, do that thing you want to do now. If you want to audition to some movie part or enter that writing contest or study photography or practic soccer, do it. Just do it. There will never be a perfect time for anything but there will always be a wrong time for something. So do it now, while you can.

7. Stupid vs Mistakes

There are mistakes and there are earth-shattering stupidity. Kissing that guy is a mistake, having sex without contraception is stupidity. Staying up late on a school night is a mistake. Flanking Algebra is a stupidity. Sneaking out is a mistake. Being photographed naked while you are passed out after sneaking out of home is stupidity.

8. The world will turn upside down

Those people you laugh at, at least 50 percent of them will end up employing thousands if not millions of people. Most likely, you will be employed by one of them. SO be nice and never understimate anyone.


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