6 Crappy Things Movies Taught Us About Love

1. The bad boy will turn good for a girl

A load of crap. If you pick a bad guy, expect a bag guy. He might treat you nicely in some ways but the core of that guy stinks. You might have this notion that you are that soft princess that could tame a lion but quite honestly, comparing a lion to that guy is no short of an insult to the lion. If that guy has any sense of self respect, he will not need a girl to change. He will change for the better period, and that’s how you measure a man.

2. He’s not bad, just misunderstood

No. He is not misunderstood. In fact, what people know of him are frighteningly accurate. It’s just that like many of the people who were once in his life, you are being fooled. Give it time and you will be screwed the way he screwed everyone else in his past.

3. He will come running to you with a speech enumerating quirky little details about you

Those movies were written by talented scriptwriters paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up with lines for characters they created and developed for months with the help of other directors, producers and scriptwriters who made a living out of writing lines and creating characters that other people can be obsesses with. And yet, only a handful or romantic lines have resonated through time. what are the chances that shithead can come up with something nice enough to erase all the shitheadedness he has done to make you walk away.

4. He will show up at the airport just as when you are boarding

He, most likely, won’t even know what time is your flight. He will not spend hundreds of $$$ to get through that boarding area just to run after you. The bastard would most likely spend that on a good bottle of wine and a lapdance than on a ticket he won’t even use just to get you back.

5. He let you go because he wasn’t good enough, he will get you back when he is made

He let you go because he didn’t like you enough to try and keep you. And what are the chances he will be good enough for you someday? The guy obviously has no planning skills. He didn’t plan his life well enough to be in a decent position for when he meets that girl he likes, eh? You think that will change?

6. He will see something that will remind him of you and how much he loves you

He didn’t remember it when he actually saw you, how do you expect him to remember it when you are not in front of him?


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