Childhood Fantasies I Still Keep

1. I wish I am a ninja or married a Ninja

I still find those guys in black suit that covers everything but their eyes throwing knives and doing backflips without making a sound utterly attractive. There's something about having the ability to kill at will but not doing it because of some oath they swore to uphold.

2. I wish I am or married an Astronaut

Is there anything braver than a guy who risk floating around in space to nothingness?

3. Be the only girl of 5 overprotective brothers

I am the one who usually does the taking care of in my family ever since I started working. It would be nice to be the one that’s being protected. It would be cute to have five guys around you and know they will always be there to protect you because you are their baby sister.

4. The only child of a mobster

Imagine Vito Corleone is your father and you’re not as loonie as Connie Corleone.

5. E.T. is real and he is my friend

When I was kid, I played alone a lot because other children didn’t like me a lot. One of the things I really wanted to have was E.T. as my bestfriend. I’d love to have a friend with a pure soul and unfortunately, no human being has.

6. Have lifelong friends

The closest longest friends I have I made in High School but I always envy those characters in movies who have friends since they were kids, grew up together, got married and in the end, they are still friends. 

7. Santa Clause is real

I still believe that I will wake up one Christmas Morning and find a gift by the tree. Inside is my heart's greatest wish which I deserve to have because I have been a good girl for one whole year.


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