The Point of No Return

The point of no return is an important part in any story. In fact, it is when the actual story begins. It is that part when the main character does something that will change his life forever. The main character, once he "crosses that river" will never be able to go back. Hence, the "adventure" of the unknown begins.

It's no different from being in-love. Before the sadistic claw of love pierces your body, you will encounter a river, bridge, mountain, or whatever the hell it may be. It will be your choice whether you want to cross it or not.

Before you actually fall in love with a guy or girl, you are still in that zone when you still have that ever important and immensely rewarding ability to think, understand reason and actually see reality. Attraction may already be there, you may already be giddy but your feet is still flatly on the ground. You are still sane. And you still have complete control on when you will cross that bridge.

It is that moment before you cross that bridge when you actually need to stop and think. You like this guy, sure but take a good look at the mother f*$%er and really think.

So, he is hot but does he spend more time in the gym than on his career?

Is he employed? If he is, how long has he been in that position and hasn't been promoted? It's okay to be with someone that only does things he is passionate about but that passion will have to pay the bill and the expenses of your future children who may not necessarily care about the guy's passion.

Does he have ambition? Yes, living "simply" and "living in the moment" is great but every moments requires that you have certain utilities in life so you can continue living. 

Is he boring or too much of an extrovert for you? It may be cute, in theory, to be with someone that's so different from or good to have "your own world" you but eventually, your friends will get married and you will be stuck with that person. If he can't share your interest and you end up "alone"  instead of having someone to share the things that make you happy, the relationship misses the point.

Is he good looking enough for you to wake up next to him every morning for the rest of your life.

Imagine just how many women would have saved money from annulment, troubles from divorce and a hole lot of dignity from a broken heart if people learned how to think before getting to the point of no return.


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