Of Sex Tapes and Responsibilities

I still don’t know what the deal is.

So you record the most intimate thing you can ever do in your life. You don’t mean it to be public. It’s something you wanted to keep with your partner, for whatever purpose it may serve you. No one can fault you for it because, as they say, whatever you do in the privacy of your home, is your business.

Until the sex tape comes out, gets on YouTube and other video uploading sites. 

Yes, it should not have come out. Just like Chito Miranda, you made sure no one gets a copy of it except it turns out that you’re not sure because the tape did get out and now the whole world can watch you having sex.

It wasn’t supposed to be your fault. It's a personal property and everyone is supposed to respect your property, right?

It’s no different from having a  phone. Whatever you put there should be confidential. If it gets stolen, who stole it is held liable. 

But then again, you can't blame whatever happens to you when you lose your celphone. You can't expect the people you are meeting to forgive you for not showing up because you wrote the meeting location address on your phone that just got stolen. Your phone is your responsibility and so are its contents.

Even more so when we are talking about sex. What you do, what you record is your responsibility. You can't expect other people to be responsible for what you do. You can't expect people to keep your secrets, especially when you don't know them. You can't say "sh!t" and expect for no one to hear it. Whenever you say something, someone is bound to hear about it. It's an assumption you have to make EVERY FREAKIN' TIME.

When you posses a phone, you also need to be prepared of the consequences if and when you lose it. You have to use it knowing fully well that it is something that can get stolen anytime. When you say something, you have to be fully aware of the fact that not everyone will interpret it the same way.

Recording your most intimate moment with someone is no different. You need to do it with the consciousness that it could get out  and you need to face the consequences when it does. The thing is that the consequences will most likely be suffered by the woman and the parents of the woman. 

So... shouldn't you be at fault, too? Because... what can you expect from someone evil anyway? But you were supposed to know. You were supposed to be aware of the consequences and you were supposed to know that even when your partner is consenting and you have all the intentions of keeping it private, other people don't share the idea. 

Whoever brought out that sex deserves to be punished, sure but the people who are in the that tape is as much to blame.


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