The Proposal

Do you ever imagine how a guy would propose to you?

There are some girls who like grand elaborate proposals, complete with an orchestra, under the sunset, candles and ground carpeted with rose petals. I don't like that. I do want to be swept off my feet but in a more simple but intimate way. More importantly, by the right person.

My friend, who fell in love for the first time in his mid 30s, proposed. She said yes. My friends and I are meeting her for the first time this weekend. My friends are asking me to behave. I will but I can't stop laughing when I heard the news.

Nope, I don't find the relationship "funny" in a bad way. I was actually giddy and happy for my friend. I mean, here I am in the midst of damaged, broken, traumatized and perpetually pragmatic men as a result of intensely chaotic or oddly steady but unequivocally fittingly painful relationships and one man rises above the rest to prove that love experience need not be painful and relationship progression need not lead to bullshit.

In fact, I want him and his girlfriend to succeed. I will most likely not be able to attend their wedding since I have an overseas assignment but I do hope that when I come back, they'd still be in their honeymoon period because I want that engraved in my memory. I want to be able to say that I have this one friend who managed to make his first love his last and the feeling of first love last forever.

The rest of us... we're hopeless. Even in our most romantic moments and state of temporary but extreme insanity, we wouldn't want our first love to be our last. A few of us can't even tell  who was our first love and more who choose not to.

I don't know. We seem to break the mold. They say that your first love is the sweetest. It may end badly and painfully but after several years, it's supposed to come back to you as a sweeter memory.

Ours seem to be plainly disgusting or a mistake or humiliating... OR plainly TOO PAINFUL for us to even want to remember.

Whatever the case may be, at least we have one that's not caught up in this... gold-painted shit. Maybe... just maybe... he will make us all believe love is possible. It may be hard and it may be rare but possible.


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