The Ideal Relationship

My friend, let’s call him Milagro.

Milagro is in a new relationship. We’re happy about it because he has been looking for someone for quite some time now. In fact, one of the reasons he decided to go back into being an employee is to find someone. He said that if he puts up his own business, he has less chances of meeting someone new.

The thing is that she’s married, separated but married. I asked him how she feels about it. He said it works for him because:

  • He doesn’t have to marry her
  • If she pursues an annulment, it will still take a long time so more time to be single
  • He won’t be nagged about “the future of the relationship” because she’s the one that is hitched
  • It will justify him looking for someone else because they can’t be a family unless she gets annulled

Milagro, you’re such a genius.


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