What Were You in High School?

I belong to the popular group in high school. It wasn’t because I was popular, it was because they thought I was smart so they befriended me. By the time they realized I wasn’t smart, it was too late. They were stuck with me. 

I am not really sure what role I played in our group. We were a mix of beauty and brains. The smartest in the batch belonged to our group. The Ms. Campus on our Sophomore, Junior and Senior year belonged to our group. We had a friend who was also a member of the national swimming team. We had another member who was a great artist. I, on the other hand, was the odd one out. 

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The Pretty One / The Jock

As I’ve said, the Ms. Campus for three years belonged to our group. That means we had, at least, three pretty ones in our group. One was tall and dark, one was downright charming and the other one sophisticatedly pretty. They weren’t fashionistas. In fact, they were very simple but their faces were the pretty ones you will ever see up close.

About 90 percent of the guys in school had it for them. They got the most number of roses during school fairs. They so many love letters, they could have honestly resold it for others to give it to them.

The Smart One

She was unbeatable. Put her through any test and test and she’ll ace. She was tested and tested and tested and she eventually emerged the victor. She was never dethroned and the salutatorian was a poor second.
Our smart one was not a geek. Nope, no one bullied them. They were respected and revered.

The Athlete

Nope, not one of those small time school superstar. She was competing on a national level and almost made it to the Olympics. While people were busy competing against the other guy in that other class, she was getting her game on .

She was the tough powerful woman and that’s what made her attractive to many guys. She didn’t need men, that’s why they wanted her. 

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Then There’s Me

There’s the jock, the artist, the rebel, the geeks… and then there’s the invisible ones. Nope, I am not the invisible one. There’s like seven layers of shit, there’s me.

What were you in high school?


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