Facebook Attention Wh0res

You post a selfie on Facebook, open it to the public and then you go all Rambo when someone says something you don’t like.

You seek for attention and when someone gives it to you, you get upset. Hypocrite attention-whore.

If your only intention is to share to the people who care about you, then share your stuff to your friends ONLY. Facebook made that function years ago.

If you post it to the public, expect the public to respond.

If you post a photo of you in bikini, expect people to comment about your body. If you want to show the beautiful scenery, get out of the frame.

If you want to say something on your status message, say it and don’t leave some cryptic message that’s obviously meant to fish for attention.

If you have to “test” your friends and see “cares enough to ask you ‘what’s wrong?’”, then you either haven’t made any or you don’t deserve to be asked the question.

If you post something personal, like a spat with someone else, don’t get pissed when someone comments on the situation even without knowing the full story. If you want people to know the full story, the post the full story. If you don’t want people to comment, then don’t post.

Remember that Facebook is a “public place” and you don’t own it. In fact, even the page you created isn’t yours. If you put something personal or confidential there and, somehow, it gets out, don’t go blame the technology, the hacker or the gossipers. You stored it in a place that does not belong to you.

You should know it’s coming.


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