Wanted: Male Version of My Friends' Wives

Scenario: Me with my two guy friends from college. 

Me: So, how was the girl? (asking about our friend's girlfriend)

Friend 1: She's okay. They complement each other. 

Me: How? 

Friend 1: She's very attentive to his needs. She likes taking care of him. He is one of us so he needs to be taken care of. 

Friend 2: Oh, she's just like my wife. 

Friend 1: She's just like my wife. She takes care of me. 

Me: Hmmm....

Friend 1: What?

Me: So, I need to learn how to take care of a guy. 

Friend 1: No.

Friend 2: Shit, no. You can't even if you die trying. 

Friend 1: You're one of us. You just happen to have been given the wrong genitals but you're one of us. 

Me: So?

Friend 1: So, you need to find the male version of our wives.


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