At Your Age, Choosy Ka Pa?

And my response has always been simple – yes, now more than ever. 

I got to 33 without being married and I am okay. Most of the time, I am doing wonder fu$%in’ ful. Sure there are moments when I wish I have someone but even my friends who are married sometimes wish they are with someone else.

I’ve seen a little of the world and met so many wonderful people, many of whom remain my friend. Sure, there are moments when I wish I get to travel with someone but I have a lot of friends who are with someone but are stuck in a house they don’t even own with people they don’t even like.

I’ve fulfilled a lot of my dreams, dreams that I set out for myself when I was a kid. I didn’t lose a part of the ideal life I wanted to have when I was a kid. Sure, I’ve messed up a lot of times but I have a lot of friends who are married and have messed so much the Kardashians have nothing on them.

I’ve given back as much as I can to my family, to my friends and even to those who tried to put me down when I was just starting out.

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I have forgiven as much as I have asked for forgiveness. I owned up to my mistakes and continue to do better everyday

I am fine… at 33, I am fine and I know that if I could live the hardest part of my life (that’s my youth) without being married, I could live the next 33 being happily unmarried.

So yeah, I am choosy, gaddamit.

At 33, I have finally earned the right to be choosy because I know who I am, I know what I can give and I know what I need.

I am fine and if the person who will come into my life will not make me better, why bother?

So, if you’re 23 and you’re wondering why I am choosy… sweetie, you haven’t got a clue what’s coming to you.


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