Travel Suggestions for Single Women in Their 30s

I have traveled alone countless of times because most of the friends I have are already married and can't just pack their bags to leave with me.

During our younger years, we didn't have enough money to travel to places we wanted to see and now that we finally are in that financial situation when we an afford it, they are already married. I am not the kind to put things on hold. I don't want to wait when I will have a boyfriend that will go with me in my travels.

I have the money and time now so I go.

Below are some of the places I have visited and would recommend to those who are over 30. Even if you go to these places alone, you will find someone to see the places the with once you are there.

That's why I am recommending these place.



It's not a family place like HongKong. It's where you go if you want to:

A. Shop - the exchange rate is almost 1:1 and the clothes and accessories there are so cheap. The things you buy here for Php2,000, you can buy there for THB300. Don't miss these areas:

  1. Chatuchak market- it is open on weekends only. You need a day or more than a day to go around the entire market. It is as big as a town. You need a map. Do not go there without a map. You can download a map online or get one there but I strongly recommend that you download it. You will need to take a break because your feet will hurt, there are stall there where you can get a feet massage. I also suggest that when you see something you like, buy it already and don't make the mistake of thinking you will come back to it because it's so big. Wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes.
  2. Guided Tour - there are several places you must visit in Bangkok and outside of Bangkok but if you are going for the 4D3N tour, it's impossible to go around these places if you are not organized. I suggested go see the elephants, tigers, snakes, and floating market. It is possible for you to go to those places in one day through a guided tour. Make sure you ride on the elephant's back, let the snake crawl through your body, buy something in the floating market, and take photos with the tigers. 
  3. Khao San - this is where you will see all travelers go to have a drink and it's a party place. There are a lot of hot guys from all over the world. This is one long and winding street. Make sure you fully explore it and check out the different bars where you can sit down and have a drink before settling into a place. 
  4. Pratunam Night Market and Platinum Mall - Pratunam and Platinum is almost in front of each other. Platinum is a building, air-conditioned and open everyday. There are 6 floors and more manageable than Chatuchack. They specialize in wholesale but also sells retail. 
  5. Golden Palace and Other Temples - You will spend half a day in the Golden Palace and going around different temples but don't miss this. 
  6. Siam Ocean World - if you haven't been to the Ocean Park in HongKong, come here.

Here is my suggested itinerary (assuming you arrive early morning of day 1 and taking the last flight on Day 4):

Day 1: Guided tour to outside of Bangkok to see the elephants, tigers, floating market, snakes and others. I always suggest to do this in Day 1 because I like being able to spend as much money as I want to shopping. When I do the tour in Day 1, at least that's out of the way.

If you still have the energy, go to Khao San or explore the streets. 

Day 2: Siam Ocean World and Grand Palace - each will take a half a day. Then I go back to the hotel, freshen up and head to Khao San.

Day 3: Chatuchak and if you still have the energy, try Patpong Night Market at night or go back to Khao San.

Day 4: Platinum and Pratunam - you can sweet Pratunam if there are some people you haven't bought gifts for.

Leave an hour and a half of travel time from where you are to the airport because traffic could be unpredictable.

Las Vegas

I always say that I feel like Las Vegas doesn't count as a reality. It's like one giant black hole in this world. Even the whole geography of the place doesn't make sense. I flew in from San Francisco and made sure I was in the window seat. I remember watching city disappear and meld into the desert. It was sand all over the place, brown sand... and then, a city pops out.

What the hell?

It was like, Las Vegas was walking one day and got tired and decided 'alrightl, i'll settle here' and his friend California said 'dude, it's the middle of the desert'. Las Vegas shrugged, 'yeah, bummer.'

You can go there and do whatever you want and it won't count when judgment day comes (except of course if you kill someone or abuse someone but you know that).

When I went there, I spent the first two days working and the last three going around and watching shows. You have to make sure you get a guide map when you land so you'll know what hotels to check. Each hotel offers something different like exhibit of old cars, SeaWorld like attraction and others.

Things to do:

A. Watch shows. Recommended shows:- Jersey Boys
- Cirque Du Soleil Show
- Blueman Group

B. Make sure you gamble just for the heck of it but put a limit into it. I spent $100.

C. Check out the different attractions in different hotels

D. Take a photo with a couple who is getting married

E. Just go and be unpredictable for once. If someone approaches you, go and talk. It's Vegas. 

I wish I could tell you more about what I did there but you know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

San Francisco


San Franciso is where I first landed. For a day, we went around to see The Crooked Road, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Asian area and other sites. The rest of my companions still had work to do but my job was done in Las Vegas which means I had to do my own touring.

My friend drove me to the train station every morning. There, I am left to do whatever I wish to do everyday.

I met someone who offered to take me around San Francisco. We went to Alcatraz, Pier 21 and the shopping district.

The next day, I decided to explore by myself. In front of Macy's is a park. There were lots of people lying on the grass, talking, waiting for street performers, reading, and sleeping. I joined in. I lied on the grass, in public, wearing shorts... I have never done that in here.

Third day, we went clubbing and as much as I feel the bars here are wild and free, you haven't seen anything until you see the scene in San Francisco.

I want to write two more cities but this is getting too long. I'll do a part 2.


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