Just Like That, the First Day of 2013 is Over

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolution but endings and beginnings have a special way of making people lethargic or, at the very least, nostalgic. So, I’ll do a reflection instead… however twisted it may be.

Things I Lost in 2012

  1. Hair. Lots of it. I shed like a monkey on chemo.
  2. Apartment. We stayed there for more seven years and the landlord decided to raise our rent. As much as we love the peace and quiet it was just impractical.
  3. Pants. I just buy Levi’s, it’s practical. I end up using it for years but it’s not that expensive. I lost a pair and my sister blames it on our former help. She said the maid took it with her when the maid left. It was my favorite pair.
  4. Mobile Phone. It has been with me for more than four years and I loved it. It was a Sony Ericsson and I loved the quality of the photos, the speed, and everything else it has.
  5. The Desire for an 8 to 5. I resigned by the beginning of the year. I’ve been working since I was 16 and I realized that I am sick and tired of reporting to someone every damn day of my life. I’ve learned what I need to learn, it’s time to move on.

Things I Gained

  1. A new ambition. By the end of 2011, I literally felt I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve. My house is fully paid, I have a car, I have several movies under my belt, I’ve had successful career and I have travelled countries I never thought I could ever see but working from home most of the time, having the time to read, and reflect made me realize that I am actually ambitious and there are more things I want to do. It’s just that I have tried so hard to just be thankful with the simplicity of my life that I have forgotten the bigger goals I set for myself when I was a kid. So, I’m going back to it. I’m going for it.
  2. Pounds, gaddmit.
  3. Braces. After years of being advised by a dentist to get my teeth fixed, I finally did it. I like the results so far.
  4. Newfound respect on Asian artists. Despite the language barrier, I started following Asian musicians like Rhymeter from Japan and LeeSsang from South Korea.
  5. This blog and two others.

Things I am Looking Forward to in 2013

  1. Going back to the habit of reading 1 book a week.
  2. Two to three more sites or blogs.
  3. End of my car loan.
  4. The novel and the comic novel.
  5. Moving to a new country.


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