10 Signs You are Desperate for Men

There are some who don't mind admitting they don't want to be matandang dalaga, those that are embarrassed to admit they failed to find the one man they will spend the rest of their lives with, those who don't mind being matandang dalaga and those who don't realize that they are desperately wanting to get married but is in total denial.

This post is for the last one and this is meant to pull you out of your cocoon and recognize that you are indeed desperate for a man. Then you can decide what you want to do.

#1 - Wherever you go, you consider the chances of meeting a guy.

You get invited to a party and you consider what kind of people are most likely going to be there. You lose interest when you realize that they will all most likely going to be married to your friends, gay or still underage. You start wondering why your friends aren't inviting other single men when in fact, you know very well that they are all just your age and, not that it needs to be said, people your age are already married.

Your mind wanders to other places where you have better chances of meeting someone and start looking for excuses for going to such places and ways, actively or passively, on how you can gain access to those places.

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#2 - You dress up to get attention.

Gone are the days when you feel comfortable in your own skin that you don't mind changing your style, which you spent the last three decades of your life discovering, because you need to start exploring EVERY DAMN opportunity to meet men and that includes attracting someone intensely enough to approach you while you pass by.

Never mind if it means you need to start wearing those silly body shapers unders your shirt in the middle of a 95 degree weather.

Never mind that you need to walk 5 miles in those high heels.

Never mind that you have to spend an extra hour in the morning to try on 15 different ensemble just to make you look six months younger.

Never mind that whenever you look in the mirror, you look like a whore who has not had a customer that willingly paid you since you began your career.

Never mind that you are spending all your time searching for stunning attires worn by celebrities and all your money to buy cheap versions.

You just want to be noticed by a potential husband. 

#3 - You examine every single guy you meet to decide whether you two will make a great pair or not.

As you were paying for your groceries, the guy next to you commented that you seem to have a healthy diet and that it shows. You look at him and realize that he is the right height, he still has his hair event though he seems past his 40s, his fashion style is basic but it works, however, he has a big belly. The guys has a lazy ass which doesn't fit well you to your love for outdoors. You say thank you and walk away frustrated that you didn't meet anyone.

How come other women meet people even though they are walking towards the bus stop and you dressed to the nines, took a shower before going to the store, made sure you flossed and sprayed your favorite cologne and can't meet a guy that could be your perfect match?

#4 - You compromise your standards.

When you were a kid, you wanted a guy that will sweep you off your feet. A guy that will open the doors for you, successful in his career, financially stable, loves your parents, will offer you the moon and the stars. You want a guy who would tolerate your love for those sappy love stories and even go with you to the Hello Kitty convention but also spends time practicing his martial arts.

You see guy who seemed to have been passed for promotions after working in the same company for 15 years, still have the same car he inherited for his parents, spends ALL his free time battling some monsters in some game called WOW and has never even been out of the state of California even once but he said he likes you. So... fine.

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#5 - Mr. Right vs Mr. Right Now

Maybe this whole Disney and Hollywood thing about waiting for the right one to come along, the one who will make every mistake worth it isn't really the "right one". It's really not about finding the "perfect" partner for you but bearing the one that comes. 

#6 - Overanalyzing Every Text Message

You met this in the party last night. You talked about Harry Potter and surprisingly, he had some really good insights about inconsistency in the characterizations in book one and book two which really damaged the storyline for the rest of the series. You went on to realize that he also liked non-hollywood movies like The Celebration and Memento.

The next day, he texted you and asked you if you've seen the Eat, Drink, Man, Woman. You paused. Why would he text your right the next day? Why is he asking if you've seen a certain movie? Is he going to ask you to watch a movie? But the movie is not in the cinemas. That means, if he does invite you, it will have to be over at his place or maybe there is some place where they show rare movies and it is something special for him and he wants to bring you there.

Should you text back right now? But that would mean you aren't doing anything and have no life? That would make you look desperate but if you don't text back, he might think you are not interested and he might lose interest too.

#7 - Tinder and its cousins

There is nothing wrong with meeting people online. It's the digital age. We rely a lot on the technology in every aspect of our lives. We use it to communicate with family members, share things to our friends, earn money and others. It is but natural that it also becomes a part of our personal lives. 

But just like in the physical world, there are places online that does not offer anything booty calls and when you stop recognizing which sites are up to no good or not, then you're desperate, woman!

Facebook is making people classless.

#8 - Changing your personality in your 30s

So, you spent your entire life proving that even though you are not beautiful, charming or attractive, you can still climb up the corporate ladder. You try to focus on your brains rather than your looks and it allowed you to discover who you really are. Yeah, you may not turn heads but you are confident that you are smart, dependable and loyal.

Then you see this other girl who doesn't seem to own any pair of flats and has mastered the art of looking like she has no make up on even though she spends two hours everyday painting her face.

So you start wearing those heels and start owning pink tops and spends $500 to get a new hairstyle. 

#9 - You insult and criticize other women just because they are with someone and you're not

She's really very attractive and is so effortlessly. Her hair is in a messy bun and is wearing a white top, blue jeans and blue chucks but, holy grail, she is sexy. She is still in school, on her way to becoming a pediatrician. She is also with a really hot and guy who actually owns the company you work for.

Yeah, right? You are pretty sure that nose is fake and the only way those breasts stay up is through some injection. She also walks like a tomboy and she's always on her phone. Where's her manners? She is wearing sunglasses even when she is inside a room and she's a democrat. And her perfume... it's meant for people who don't shower everyday. 

#10 - Looking for new single friends

Your friends have been your friends since you were in grade school. They have been with you through thick or thin. They know you really well and all they want is to spend time with you, at least, once a month.

But you're hanging out with these new set of friends, they are all single and you get to go to bars where there are single men. 


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