Maturity Sucks, Big Time!

I miss the days when I take things simply because I wanted it. It didn't matter who it belonged to. I just took it because having it would make me happy.

I miss the days when I ask for things and it didn't really occur to me that people will have to go out of their way to get it for me. Maybe they had to stand up from a well-deserved rest after 8 hours of bearing with me in the mall. They just had to get off their @ss to get it for me.

I miss the days when I could sit or play all day and just know that someone will bring me food or if someone doesn't, I will simply cry and someone will.

I miss the days when all I had to do is go to school and know that someone will pay for me and give me money so "I" could learn something.

I miss the days when all I cared about was my happiness, my time, my stuff, my sh!t.

The one scary thing about maturity is the obligation to live what you know. Ignorance is bliss. Not knowing how to act and feel the right way shields you from so many

I woke up one day and you realize that there is a such a thing as class and dignity and self respect and f***in' shame.

Have you ever thought that for all your class and hardwork, you still got it wrong? Click here.

I realize that I need to earn my keeps, pay my own dues and not be a freakin' burden to other people because they have their own lives and their own sh!t to take care of.

I realize that although I don't have to be a world famous whatever, I , at least, need to make something of myself because it is my freakin' responsibility to grow the pea-size talent and skills I have been given and, if possible, use it to help other people.

I realize that there is a thing called common humanity and it is for our benefit as much as it is others' to adhere to it.

I realize that although selfish rebellion is pretty cool, it isn't always possible and practical. We need to make decisions with other people in mind and We need to think of helping other people because at some point in our lives, whether we believe or accept it or not, someone else helped us even when they needed to.

It's not all angst, here are 10 good things about being a matandang dalaga. 

I realize that sometimes you just need to sacrifice the things that you want for other people. Operative word:need.

I realize that there are some people that will become inevitably a part of my life that wouldn't have the same amount of maturity as I have. It may sound arrogant but it's really not. It is simply what it is. There are people in my life that just won't make extra sacrifices to make their financial status better and just rely on other people's help. There are people in my life that are just lazy. There are people in my life who simply don't give a fine f*** about common decency or common humanity.

The sh!tty thing is that I am supposed to behave better because I know better. Money should not be an issue because it's just money. I have to forgive because other people have more right to receive it than I have to give it. I have to maintain silence because it's the educated and classy thing to do.

Maturity f***in' sucks.


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