10 Responses to "Why Aren't You Married Yet?" I wish I Could Say

I would love to just have the chance to put some people in their place and make them realize that my civil status is really none of their business. It's just that I am supposed to know better and responding how I really want to respond would only make me go down to their level, sound defensive or a plain old b!tch.

Oh well...

1. Because I figured it is better than being married to a womanizing minimum-wage earner guy like your husband.

2. Because I am smart enough to know that I have this habit of bearing with stupid men. Now you know why I'm still talking with you.

3. I don't want to end up like your wife.

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4. Why haven't you graduated from college yet?

5. Why do you keep on borrowing money from me?

6. I haven't given up on my hopes to find someone with good genes... unlike you.

7. The man of my dreams is dating someone else... your husband.

8. I'll answer that if you can answer this - why are your children separated from their espouses?

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9. Someone's got to be smart in this family, right?

10. Well, it's simple, it's none of your fuckin' business.

If only I can afford to be a bitch whenever this uneducated and nosy question is thrown at me... oh well, a woman can dream.


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