Things I Do To Look Younger

I look 5 years younger than my age.

It's not to brag because God knows I am not pretty. I'm the ugliest among us cousins. I just look a little younger than my age. I have no money to be a regular at the Belo clinic so I have resorted to simple and cheap ways to delay the aging process a bit.

1. Drink lots of water. They say 8 glasses is necessary but some say it actually includes liquid you get from other sources like rice, fruits, and others. Regardless, I drink lots of water. It's certainly more than 8 glasses, not counting the liquid I get from fruits. Whenever possible, I drink fresh coconut water.

2. I eat lots of fruits and I mean lots because...

3. I eat as much raw foods as I can. It's usually 70-30. 70% raw food (fruits, vegetables) and 30% processed. Processed consists of home cooked meals. The only food I can't resist from fastfood is fries. Otherwise, I don't go for fastfood. My tastebud doesn't like it anyway. I don't feel full when I have fastfood for a meal.

4. I exercise. I run, specifically, three times a week, at least 10k. It's the best facial treatment you can ever hope for.

5. I have never been fond of using chemicals on my face. I use Cetaphil at night but that is it. No other product touches my face, even if it promises to make me look younger.

6. Eight hours of sleep as often as I can. I would rather sacrifice my morning runs just to complete the 8 hours.

7. I avoid make up. I worked for the advertising industry for almost a decade but the number of times I wore make up is so few and far between, I can't even remember when.

8. I like the morning sun but avoid the noon sun but I do love going to the beach so it doesn't mean I don't get to do what I want. I just don't do it too often.

I have a lot of white hair though. I don't know what to do with it except color it.


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