The Evolution of Gwapo

My parents never understood why I find tattooed guys who just might have never combed their seemingly unshampooed hair wearing an unironed hole-filled shirt paired with a tattered pair of blue jeans attractive. 

They never liked the guys I liked but I never liked the guys they liked either, the kind that prefers a suit as their everyday wear, the kind that will never go out of the house unless their entire outfit is coordinated, the kind that always wears shirts with a collar and wears nothing but a newly shined pair of shoes. They like guys that work behind a desk from 8 to 5, attend meetings in a conference room filled with equally put together group of guys with degrees from universities that take your soul whenever you enrol.

I have nothing against those guys and I’ve been in a relationship with one but those guys are not the subject of my fantasies. They certainly aren’t the kind that would make me tremble to the bones.
In fact, overly put together men are either “metro men” or flat out gay. There’s nothing wrong with being either but metro men belong to metro women and I’m not a metro woman. I am the kind that prefers to walk barefoot in the forest than spend an entire day putting my makeup.

I prefer the dirty type, the bad boy, the rock star, the blue collared men.

I like geeks too but that's another post.

I know have an 17-year-old niece who becomes giddy at seeing those guys who cover half of their face with their bangs, wear  skinny jeans, 7 layers of shirts with 548 different patterns and colors and preferably dance in unison with at least three other guys.

It’s what they call good looking nowadays and I think it’s an absolute horror. I have nothing against boybands, I’ve like weirder things but I don’t get why that would be consider hot? How on earth can you imagine kissing someone who looks prettier than you? How on earth can you ever go out with someone who takes twice as long to prepare than you? And why would you ever think someone who wails like a 12-year old love sick kid is sexy?

I understand that heartbreaks are hard but for the love of god, you can only sing about so much. When someone makes an entire career out of their heartbreaks, that person probably needs a shrink, not a mic.

Is this what this generation consider hot?

The thing is that my parents probably asked the same question when I was losing my brains following the music and career of those dirty guys who scream and pick fights.

Now, I’m scratching my head as I see my niece spending all her time watching clips of a group of guys with thick makeup, expensive weird haircuts and confusing fashion ensemble dancing to some pop track.

Ah… the evolution of gwapo. I wonder what the next generation will prefer.


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