Courtship, Dating, Seeing Someone & Other Confusing Terms

Apparently, here are the "rules":

1. During the early days of dating, the girl should offer to pay half the bill but the guy should say politely say no to the offer.
2. When a guy is courting a girl and someone asks if they are in the courtship stage, the guy should be the one to answer and admit he is courting her.

3. When they are already in a relationship and someone asks if they are, the girl should answer it.

4. The first date should be casual. Something like, coffee or a snack. That way, either could bail early and soon if it's not working out.

5. The guy should ask for the number after the date whether or not he has intentions of calling.

6. First date topic should be limited to non-intimate topics. No stories about childhood hangups, family problems and when either wants to get married. It should be about safe topics that would reveal a little something about each party.

7. The girl should never choose a place that's too expensive, let the guy invite.

8. To some girls, (not really a rule) it is still important for a guy to ask formally if they can be "official". Some girls still want to hear 'would you be my girl?' or something to that effect.

9. The waiter should hand the bill to the girl and give the guy the chance to ask for it.

10. After about 3 to 4 dates, the guy should be clear on his intentions. If it is just "hanging out", the guy should be clear about it. It is never acceptable for the guy to ask the girl to "wait until he figures it out". By the 3rd date, he should already figure it out.

11. The guy should get down from his car when dropping the girl off and picking her up.

12. The guy should tell the girl where they are going on their first date to give her the chance to dress up appropriately.

Are those right? You have anything to add?


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