Lessons From Pacquiao

He gets criticized for playing in the PBA, a playing coach at that.

He gets criticized for running for public office.

He gets laughed at for singing.

He gets insulted for his tacky taste.

But he is happy, successful and rich.

He worked his butt out for two decades to become the best boxer he can be.

He became the best boxer in the guddam world.

He earned enough money to buy houses wherever he wants to and buy the cars he likes and give to other people what they want.

He takes care of his family and friends. He takes care of more people than a million of us put together ever had.

He brought honor to this country. He inspired so many.

He has battered and bruised his body for two decades.

I say that's enough... more than enough.

He earned the right to do what he wants and not explain himself to anyone. He earned the right to play in any league of any sport. He earned the right to gamble. He earned the right to buy any house he wants. He earned the right to be happy in any way he wants so long as he does not hurt people.

That's exactly what he wants. He does what he wants to do, f$#% what other people think.

Things a Matandang Dalaga should Have.


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