10 Simple and FREE Things That WILL Change the World

Billions upon billions are spent to make this world a better place. Machines are developed to provide people's needs faster. New technologies are put in place to defend countries from other countries. New techniques are becoming necessary to "correct" imperfections.

Yet, more people feel uglier, countries are in even worse danger and more people find can't get their most basic of needs.

We don't need billions. We don't need decades. We don't need half the effort we are exerting now to change the world.

There are 20 things we can do now and it wouldn't cost us any money. If half of us start doing this, the world will become a better place in just a short time if not overnight.

  1. Tell the truth all the time.
  2. Admit mistakes.
  3. Stop judging based on looks, color or faith.
  4. Forgive.
  5. Appreciate others.
  6. Respect nature.
  7. Listen... really listen more than we talk. 
  8. Give people what they deserve and what is really theirs. 
  9. Say what they mean TV.
  10. Read more than they talk or watch 
  11. Do what they promise.
  12. Be content with what they have.
  13. Spend more time with their family than work.
  14. Trust others.
  15. Give others what they don't need.
  16. Volunteer time to at least one cause. 
  17. Be polite.
  18. Respect people's privacy.
  19. Give others a second chance.
  20. Eat more vegetables and fruits than fastfood.


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